Best Windows 8 Phone Apps and Games 2016


Today we are going to tell you about the best available Windows 8 phone apps and games 2016. Do you know, Windows 8 smartphones are building up competition to the Android smartphones?
I am assuming that you do own a Windows 8 smartphone, for which you want to download best apps and games 2016. Do not worry I have a list of best apps, which are required for Windows 8 phones.
Microsoft had launched Windows 8 (the metro design and a new UI with tiled icons and no start button) in smartphones first. Their experiment got success and they launched the Windows 8 OS in PC’s and desktops too. Now the current version of desktop Windows available is Windows 8.1.
Sticking to the content, which we are concerned to, here is the list of the best Windows 8 phone apps and games. Hope you will download and enjoy maximum apps from this list.

Best Windows 8 Phone Apps and Games 2016

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Premium PoolPremium Pool

Premium Pool is one of the best loved games in my list. Premium pool gives the premium feeling of playing pool on the Windows 8 phone.
With its wonderful 3D graphics, smooth gameplay, it has many options of various playing modes- Single Player 8-ball mode, double player 8-ball mode, Single Player 9-ball mode and double player 9-ball mode.
Download Premium Pool for Windows 8 Phone-——– ———

WhatsApp Messenger


WhatsApp Messenger is the first application one downloads from the Windows store after buying a new Windows 8 phone or hard resetting the older phone in order to start messaging his/her friends.
So WhatsApp Messenger, which is available for free in Windows Store is a cross messaging platform which allows the users to message unlimited on any other WhatsApp user, share pictures videos, make groups and much more.
Download WhatsApp for Windows 8 phone



So, what is the this Windows 8 phone app? Actually, this application provides the fake UI of the Android OS on the Windows 8 phone.
So, isn’t it amazing you can have a feel of using an Android device and make your friends fool that you have downloaded Android OS on Windows 8 based phone.
Download Lumiandroid for Windows 8 phone

UC BrowserUC Browser

So, fed up of browsing the web pages with the basic search engine of the Windows 8 phone? You should download UC Browser for Windows 8 phone.
UC Browser is the number 1 browser for the mobile phones and has variety of features to offer. You can download it for free and thus browse internet with multi-tabs management, faster browsing and downloads. You can even share a picture instantly using the UC Browser.
Download UC Browser for Windows 8 phone

Advanced English DictionaryAdvanced English Dictionary

Having a user-friendly interface and many features, this application should be a must-have application for the Windows 8 phones owners. A dictionary is always required in a smartphone. So, here is it.
You can get the word meanings, synonyms, voice pronunciation, and much more in this application. Star your Word and inline search are additional features.
Download Advanced English Dictionary for Windows 8 phone


Photo Lock FreePhoto Lock

Having a smartphone needs some privacy too when it comes to hide your valuable pictures or videos (which you do not want to show to somebody else). So, photo lock plays its role helping you to protect your images and videos with password.
Photo Lock is free of cost and a good application with many features. You can set pattern or classic (numeric) lock. You can even edit pictures, crop them, rotate them or add effects on them. You can define the permissions of an album to every account.
Download Photo lock free for Windows 8 phone

Dredd Vs. Zombies


Dredd vs. Zombies

It is wonderful free game available in the Windows phone store. You will be Dredd in the game. You will choose the weapon and kill the zombies to enter into next level.
There are 16 achievements to collect, four upgradable weapons and seven equipment upgrades. So, you have to kill the zombies to get to the next level.
Download Dress vs. Zombies for Windows 8 phone

YouTube Downloader Free

UC Browser

Want to download youtube videos on your Windows 8 smartphone? Here is an application for you which allow you to select the formats of the videos to be downloaded. You can play and download videos from this application.
Your Windows 8 phone should have RAM more than 256 MB and then only you will be allowed to download the videos on 720p HD format otherwise you can download videos in MP4 480p only.
Download YouTube Downloader Free for Windows 8 phone

PayTM appPremium Pool

This is a brilliant application which should be downloaded on every Windows 8 phone. With using this application you can recharge your connection (mobile), DTH, data card and toll cards (delhi-gurgaon expressway).
You have various options of payment- credit card, debit card, netbanking for ICICI, SBI, HDFC, Axis and more such useful banks.
Download Paytm for Windows 8 phone

Kindle AppKindle

So the last but not the least application is the Kindle application for the Windows 8 phones. Kindle app is developed y Amazon itself with many lovable features on it.
You can buy books from this application once and then read it on any other Windows 8 device. You have millions of books available (free and paid as well).
Download Kindle for Windows 8 Phone
So, I think, the above list has the best Windows 8 phone apps and games 2013, which make a sense to be included in your Windows 8 device. So, I would like to know your reviews about this post. And also like and share us with your friends on Facebook, Google Plus and twitter.


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