How to Use FB Stickers on PC in Facebook Chat Box


Do you own Facebook account? Just kidding guys! Everybody on earth had one of or two Facebook accounts. This is because Mark Zuckerberg has allowed you to connect with your friends with this social networking medium with his good marketing skills (acquiring Instagram and launching timeline and much more).
Mark timely changes the interface of Facebook and that is why people are connected to facebook so long when Orkut got expired in few years only. So, the new thing is the FB stickers.

What are FB Stickers?

Well Mark realized that there are many chat softwares or messengers available online (other than Facebook). So, he put in the FB Stickers for the Facebook users to chat with their friends, using these stickers.
FB Stickers are nothing but simple stickers which are very good in graphics and are very attractive. FB Stickers are huge as compared to the older FB emoticons.
So, FB stickers are the new medium to show your expressions and your feelings to your loved ones (friends, gf/bf or family).

How to use FB Stickers on PC in Facebook Chat?

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STEP 1 – Visit the to open the Facebook login page and fill in your username/email ID and Password to open your account.
STEP 2 – Choose the person whom you want to chat with and send FB stickers to him/her.
STEP 3 – Now click on the smiley button at the lower-right portion of the chat box as shown in the above picture. Now simply click on the FB sticker and it will be automatically sent to the person whom you are chatting from.
How to use New FB Stickers on PC in Facebook Chat Box?


Well, there are some limited FB stickers (pre-loaded) in the Facebook chat box. So, you require to download the new FB stickers on PC manually. How? Let us see below:
STEP 1 – Firstly click on the emoticon button in the chat box (present at the lower-right side). Now click on the Sticker Store, present on the top right corner, encircled in the below image.
STEP 2 – Bellow kind of page appears in front of your PC display. Select your set of New FB stickers and click on the Green Free button present next to it. I chose Napoli FB Stickers as shown below. After you click on free button, they will be added to the Facebook chat.
STEP 3 – Click on the emoticon button in the Facebook chat, and you are having the added new FB stickers. Choose the required one and send it to your friend.
So, guys! Now you can use the FB stickers on PC in the Facebook chat effectively. Still have some queries? Feel free to ask us through comments.


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