Top 10 Internet Browsers


A browser is very necessary to be loaded into computer for better web browsing experience. No doubt, Internet Explorer is the pre-loaded web browser, equipped by Microsoft in their Windows OS. Still IE lags behind some of the other browsers.Top 10 Internet Browsers

So, if you are searching for the top ten browsers 2016, you should know that a browser is listed from top to bottom according to its performance, speed, response/loading time and looks. So, have a look below:

Top 10 Internet Browsers

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a Google product and that is why it comes on the top list. Google Chrome has been designed specifically to make your search very easy and fast.

Google comes with instant search feature, which thus saves time of the user. Instant search make the suggestion below and you can select your required one. Moreover, it is very fast and loads in less time. The best think which I like about is the easy to use, easy to bookmark, easy to fetch bookmarks and so on.

Moreover, Chrome lets the user to integrate with the Google services by signing in with the Google account.Chrome Store is another advantage provided by Google, which lets you to download various plugins and softwares.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox makes the second mark on my list. With an earth shaped logo, this browser offers plenty of customizable features to the users. A direct Google search bar is placed on the top.

Moreover, multiple tabs of this browser can be used very easily. It hangs in rare chances and supports the flash. It has good privacy features and the pop-up blocking feature is admirable.

A person can further add more features to it with the use of Grease Monkey which allows the users to add scripts manually.

Internet Explorer

IE is the mostly used browser in abroad. People rely on this browser. In India also, sometimes Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox fail to perform the execution of a task (especially the online payment task) and ask for a reload.

IE effectively performs the online payment tasks on the government portals. Moreover, it has good privacy features. Pop-up blocking feature is accompanied by the Smart Address Bar.

One thing, which I do not like about IE is that multi-tasking is relatively difficult, with the previous opened windows to be loaded when a huge number of windows are left open. Moreover, the IE does not allow the users to copy links from the websites directly. You will have to open the link and then copy it from the URL.

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Opera Browser

Opera is well known to many of the people in India. Opera is the majorly used mobile browser in India and world as well. However, for PC, this browser lacks its charm.

Opera browser has relatively slow speed than the above browsers, which makes this browser to fall on to fourthnumber. Opera offers on page synchronization and bookmarks options.

It comes in various skins which are available very easily. Opera Unite features let the users to share files – audio, video from your computer.


Safari browser has been developed by the Apple product makers. Apple devices can use Safari browser for surfing over the web.

Safari is also compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 and that is why it can be easily downloaded on the Windows PC. Safari has many features like Smart Address Field, pop-up blocking, Snapbook, enhanced keyboard navigation and more.

Rockmelt Browser

Rockmelt Browser, another mobile popular browser, is a good browser in terms of its performance. Rockmelt has the backend cloud support, which lets the users to store data. It is less secure.

Offering a plenty of features- favorite websites, bookmark synchronization, feeds and supports- it stands on number 6 in our list.

Avant Browser

Avant browser has the same working as of internet Explorer but is insecure and takes much loading time than the others.

It also supports the pop-up blocking feature. It offers zoom functionality up to 500% zoom. Avant browser is okay in terms of performance but lags behind the others in its security.

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is a browser which you must have heard in phone. Well if not, let me tell you then. I had read this name while rooting my Samsung Galaxy Y and upgrading its ROM to Android 4. So, the software has the inbuilt chrome, which is supported by Maxthon.

Maxthon is chinese browser, which has an unique feature of dragging and dropping the url toopen the website. So, URL can be dragged from email, a word document or from other source onto the browser to open the webpage directly.

PhaseOut Browser

PhaseOut is the ninth browse to make out its position in our list. With its logo, having arrows extending towards the outwards justifies its name. It is based on the flash memory. So it is quite fast browser.

PhaseOut offers many skins which can be changed to change its looks timely. Features like top Notch security and Space inspiring Graphics are very impressive.

SeaMonkey Browser

It is the last browser in our list. It also supports the pop-up blocker and multi-engine search options. It has advanced email and newspaper cleints.IRC chat and advanced mail are the special features of this browser.

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