Top 10 BlackBerry PlayBook apps 2016


Are you looking for the top 10 BlackBerry PlayBook apps 2016 ? Well PlayBook had been launched few years ago. PlayBook being nothing but a tablet of BlackBerry is popular for the gaming and the applications only. blackberry

So, if you own a PlayBook, you should be familiar to the top BlackBerry PlayBook apps. You can have fun and remain entertained with thus BB tablet. We have shared top 10 BlackBerry PlayBook apps 2016 for our readers.
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So, let me start now. I have compiled top 10 BlackBerry PlayBook apps 2016 for my readers with their brief use and features.

Top 10 BlackBerry PlayBook apps 2016


All of you must be familiar with the term Facebook- a social network which has now become the part of our lives. So, BlackBerry RIM has developed Facebook application for the users to be connected with their friends and family. Currently, Facebook application is running on version 4.1.
The latest version of facebook app allows the users to set their profile picture, access to the news feed filtering options from navigation list and more. It also offers the users to view the cover pictures and the bigger sized pictures.

EverNote Application by EverNoteevernote

Another awesome application has been put inside the list of top 10 Blackberry PlayBook apps 2016. Evernote application is a great tool for a user to keep track of its notes and other required documents.
You can thus search for your notes manually with the time and date and even for the hand written notes. Use this application to create audio notes, and upload option is also available for the users.

Twitter Application by Research in Motiontwitter

Twitter application has also been made available by the BlackBerry for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Twitter can be downloaded for free.
So, twitter app allows the users to tweet anytime. You are notified as soon as some notification arises into your twitter account. Moreover, you can follow someone or also reply to somebody’s tweets. All you can do on a PC can be done with this application.

Photo Studio by KVADGroupPhotoStudio

So, this application is also available for free. Photo Studio is a picture editing tool for the users. The amateur and unprofessional photographers can enhance their captured pictures too high extent using this tool.
You can share your pictures directly from Photo Studio, which is directly connected to BBM. You have 115 filters to edit your images. A huge number of frames are also there. Facebook and twitter in there for direct uploading of pictures.


ReadonTouch Pro by Sven ZeiglerReadOnTouch Pro

So, BlackBerry PlayBook is a big tablet and most of you would be using it for the reading purposes. So, here comes the role of this application.
If you are not that free to read articles but you need it to be read in any cost, use this application which will thus arrange those articles to be read in future. The saved articles will not be displaying any kind of advertisement and any other kind of disturbing thing.
It is available at Rs.100 for download. The trial version is free for use.

AppsLock by AppsForBB.COMAppsLock Pro

Appslock is a very important and necessary application which should be downloaded by every PlayBook user. A tablet is a mini computer. You have stored so much data on your PlayBook and some of the data could be personal and confidential.
So, you need that data to be protected by some application. So, appslock does the task for you. But you will have to spend Rs.100 to download it. You can even lock your sd card. So, it is an amazing and must-have application, which thus stands in our list of top Playbook apps 2016.

WhatsApp Messenger by WhatsApp Inc.

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Whatsapp is the mostly used mobile messenger by the users in the world. So, BB has also put it into the application list for the users owning the PlayBook tablet to enjoy the service.
WhatsApp allows the user to group chat, share pictures, audio clips and video clips. Moreover, big thing is that it is a cross platform which allows the BB PlayBook users to chat with someone who does not own BB device.
First year use of this application is free. Afterwards you will be charged $0.99 per year.

Max Mobile Security by Max Secure Softwaremax secure

So, with the AppsLock application, you must have protected your PlayBook from the external peeps of the unwanted users but how to keep it safe from the viral attack from web or from PC?
The solution is the Max Mobile Security application which will charge for its service as $9.99. It is the first anti-malware application for any BB device. So, you can have this application on your BB PlayBook in order to scan, remove and fix the infected files.

Candy World by Ajani InfoTech Private LimitedCandy World

Candy World is for the gaming lovers. So the owners can have this free game downloaded on their PlayBook.
It is a very easy game. You have to cross the levels by making the three same type candies in line and thus bursting them. It has awesome graphics and this game is highly addictive.

Accu Weather by AccuWeather Internationalaccu weather

This is a weather application which is available for free. It is last application which makes its position in our compilation of top 10 BlackBerry Playbook apps 2016.

Accu Weather app provides local forecasts, which is updated every successive hour. On the days, when high snow fall occurs, it has WeatherAlarms to notify you.
So, how do you look at these applications? These top 10 BackBerry PlayBook applications will make your PlayBook highly customized and lovable. So, go and gross these all from the BB App World.

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