Tips to Crack 7+ BAND in IELTS Exam


Tips to crack 7+ Band in IELTS Exam : IELTS is International English Language Testing System. It was designed to check the ability of a person He/She is capable or not capable to do work or study in English speaking country.i3

Cracking IELTS Exam is little bit difficult to those candidates who are living in Non English speaking countries. Here we provide the Best & Latest Tips to Crack 7+ BAND in IELTS Exam

First of all student should know about Band description  or what examiner required in test to give band scores.

Student should read given below Band description chart as well as Tips to Crack 7+ BAND in IELTS Exam .

 tips to crack 7 Band in IELTS Exam



Tips to Crack 7+ BAND in IELTS Exam


  1. Prediction: Firstly student should Predict what will be in conversation with the help of given images. Listener should try to get an idea about answer such as where speaker speaks about answer as well as what will be correct answer.i1
  2. Careful: Candidate should be careful while reading question. They should understand terms and conditions of answer which kind of answer is required such as what will be write in answer given options(A,B,C,D) or proper Answer. In addition candidate should read at least two question a time because some times two answer can be closed with each other and in one sentence.
  3. Table/Chart/Diagram: Table/Chart/Diagram’s answer can be in any order. Mostly answers go from left to right but its not necessary it can be in up to down. So student should understand properly before starting their listening.
  4. Observe Pronunciation: Student should be concentrate on pronunciation which speaker speaks. Number of candidates confused about “T” and “D”, “B” and “P”. So they should observe difference between them. This helps a lot to avoid spelling mistake.
  5. Ignore : Student should ignore those words which they don’t know. Its not necessary to know about every individual word it can be guess. Moreover if you release you have missed a answer you should forget about those and concentrate on next one.
  6. Transfer Answer: Be alert while transferring your answer on answer sheet a little mistake of transferring answer in wrong order can effect a lot on your band scores. Spelling mistake also a major problem of candidates so concentration on spellings.


  1. Instructions: Read & Understand the instructions carefully. Because instructions of every question are different from each other question. i5Read properly about word limitation as well as which kind of answer is required such as what will be write in answer given options(A,B,C,D) or proper Answer.
  2. Scanning: Scanning is best Tips to Crack 7+ BAND in IELTS Exam . Candidate should scan reading passages and highlight important keyword.Scanning help to find specific information in passage.
  3. Skimming: Skimming mean to say run your eyes over the paragraph and underline important Keyword such as proper nouns(Name,Date,Place etc.) which will be helpful to find answers.
  4. Time Management:Everybody should Manage time carefully in reading. They should spent 15 minutes on each passage. Mostly student cannot manage time limit effectively which become main reason of loosing band score.
  5. Beware of Synonyms: Be alert while finding answer every time answer will not find in exact words it will be in synonyms. So improve your vocab and learn more and more synonyms to crack 7+ Bands in IELTS exam.


  • Planning: Do not start writing your task in beginning first of all candidate should plan what will be write in task. They should plan about major arguments which they are going to write in body paragraphs, introduction and conclusion.i2
  1.  Words Limit: Every candidate should be aware about word limit in both tasks of writing. Word limit of task 1 is 150 and 250 of task candidate should not write too little as well as they should not cross word limit. Test taker wants Quality rather than Quantity.
  2. Time Management : Candidates should spend 20 minutes on Task 1 (Graph) because its word limit is less as compare to Task 2 (Eassy/ Letter). Candidate should save approximately 2 or 3 minutes to recheck their mistakes at last.
  3. Variety of sentence: Best Tips to Crack 7+ BAND in IELTS Exam is use variety of sentence as well as use more and more vocab. If candidate want to get 7+ band score. They have to use compound and complex sentence without any grammatical error.
  4.  Organize: Organize properly to your both tasks candidate should divide their task in paragraphs. First of all they should start introduction after that separate body paragraphs and conclusion at last.
  5. Careful: Candidates should be read instructions as well as statement carefully. Because if they don’t understand about their statement obviously they will go out of task. Which will loose their band score.


  1. Understand Question: Firstly listen carefully and understand what examiner said in question and what they want to listen from you.i6 If you don’t understand question first time you can ask examiner to repeat question. But you should give exact answer which examiner want.
  2.  Avoid Hesitation/ Nervous: Mostly candidates hesitates a lot while their speaking test which become reason of loosing band scores. When a candidate give answers in hesitation they can’t speak in proper pronunciation. But examiner want exact pronunciation.
  3. Eye Contact:  Keeping eye contact is one of the best speaking Tips to Crack 7+ BAND in IELTS Exam . If you talking with examiner but looking anywhere else then examiner feels quite strange.
  4. Extend answer: The main motive of speaking test is to check candidate’s speaking ability so if candidate speak very little examiner can not judge his/her ability in little answers so candidates have to extend their answer. Remember one thing its beneficial to extend answer but if candidate speak out of task it will be harmful for candidate.
  5. Don’t Show of: Mostly candidate want to impress examiner. So that’s why they imitate western ascent. But it effect negative on their band scores. Candidates don’t have to do show off. They should speak in natural ascent.

that’s it  these are the best Tips to Crack 7+ BAND in IELTS Exam. If any body follow these tips while preparation of IELTS they can easily crack  7+ Band in IELTS exam. Keep in touch with us on MY DAILY SCANNER regarding more updates.

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