How To Take Screenshot on Nokia Lumia 520 ?


You are at the correct place if you are searching for the method to take screenshot on Nokia Lumia 520. Nokia Lumia 520 has an impressive display of 4 inches with a good resolution and that terms to capture good screenshots.

If it is a game score, WhatsApp or any other chat conversation’s picture or just the interface of this Windows powered device, taking screenshot is equally fruitful and very easy. So, this post will provide the given below easy method with 3-step approach to take screenshot on Nokia Lumia 520. The whole process takes 2-3 seconds only.

How To Take Screenshot on Nokia Lumia 520 ?

The modern gadgets’ manufacturers have sensed the requirement of the screenshot feature in their smartphones as per the users’ demands. So, Nokia also packed up the simple method of taking screenshot, what we call it as ‘Hardware Combination Method’.

Hardware Combination Method

STEP 1 – The first step is to choose the screen, of which you want to take screenshot of. It can be anything as briefly discussed above.

STEP 2 – Now you should two of your right hand’s fingers on the Windows/ Start button (present on the front of phone below the display- the touch sensitive button) and the Power key (present on the right side).

STEP 3 – Take a countdown from 3 to 1 and press & hold the two keys simultaneously for 1-2 seconds. An animation will take place on the display which means that the screenshot has been taken on Nokia Lumia 520.



So, the above steps should be followed precisely to take screenshot on Nokia Lumia 520. If you have any query or any problem regarding this context, you are welcome to drop your comments below. I will reply to your query instantly.

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About :

Nokia Lumia 520 is a very affordable and featureful device, which fits best for a common man. Running the Windows OS, Lumia 520 has the dual core processor inside, which terms to work with the 512 MB RAM.

It has 8 GB internal capacity which can be improved further to 64 B with the use of external memory card. The eye catching feature of this device is the 4 inches display with a strange feature. The users can use the phone’s display wearing the gloves too. The display has resolution of 480 x 800.

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The phone’s camera unit is also good as features wise. It sports 5 MP camera on the rear which has autofocus and geo-tagging features. The videos can be recorded in of 720 pixels at the rate of 30 frames per second.

It supports 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi and GPRS/ EDGE facilities along with the Bluetooth 4.0 equipment. A 1430 mAh is a commendable battery unit, which completes the handset.


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