Summer Olympics 2016


History of Olympics:  “CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS” is the logo for Olympic. Citius stands for Faster, Altius stands for Stronger and Fortius stands for Higher. The Olympiad is four year cycle between each summer games. The five rings mean the union of five continents. Excellence, Friendship and Respect are the real values of Olympic game. The torch symbolises the link between the old period and modern games. Olympics game earlier started in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC. Till 392 AD games were suspended. After a gap of 1500 years, games again started in 1896, in Athens, Greece. And it is till that times games are going on and giving chances to new sportsmen or sportswomen.

So the wait is over, 2016 Summer Olympics, known as Rio Olympics will be hosted by Brazil this year. The games will held in Maracana Stadium, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Events: The games are starting from August 5, 2016. 10,500 athletes from 206 countries will compete in the first Olympic in South America’s Rio de Janeiro. The event will continue till August 21, 2016. In these 15 days there will be 306 medal events consisting of 136 women, 10 mixed and 161 men. In the event, total 42 games will be contested this year.

The Torch Relay for the Olympics will start in May 2016. And more than 300 Brazilian cities will be travelled. Last part of the torch relay will end up in Rio only where event will be officially get started.

When Rio became the Host City?

The process to become a host city for 2016 Olympics was officially started in 2007.After so many biddings and voting Rio was chosen as the host city. Rio as the  host city was announced in Copenhagen, Denmark during the 121st IOC session on October 2, 2009, some other finalist in race to host Olympics are Madrid in  Spain , Chicago in USA and Tokyo in Japan. But Rio becomes first South American city to host Olympics in 2016. Earlier in 1968, Mexico hosted the Olympics, after such a long break, Rio being a city of South America got a chance to host such a high level multisport contests, Olympics or Paralympics 2016.

Till now 27 editions of Olympic summer games have been already staged consisting 3 cities of Asia, 2 from Oceania, 16 from Europe and 6 from North America.

Addition of two new games in Olympics:


It would be more interesting to know that, Golf is being introduced in Rio Olympics 2016. This game is going to be played in Olympics after 112 years. Not only golf, Rugby is also coming in this Olympics after 92 years. It will be very awesome to have such games as a part of Olympics 2016. These two games were added by International Olympic Committee in 2009.

Summer Olympics
Summer Olympics

Motto of Rio Olympics

Motto of Rio Olympics 2016 is “Live Your Passion”. Local holidays are schedules during the commencement of such games in Brazil.

Services provided by Rio as a host

Being a host city, it is not enough to be a host, there are many more responsibility related to them. Here is a list of services:

  • 25,000 tennis balls
  • 100,00 0 Chairs
  • 8,400 Shuttlecocks
  • 315 horses
  • 34,000 beds
  • 11 million meals
  • 72,000 tables
  • 60,000 cloth hangers

To do this a perfectly planned organisation committee is required and the committee consist of 45,000 Volunteers, 6,500 employees, 85,000 outsourced staff.

Security is the major issue while hosting Olympics. Before 7 years, the city was mainly attracted by its criminal activities. But IOC had issued orders to clean the criminal record before hosting the games. During games constant police patrols will keep a watch on the city happenings. Special police pacifications units will be there to have a look to ensure an anti-violent environment.


Games  will be contested at 4 different regions of the city:

  • Barra
  • Deodoro
  • Maracana
  • Copacabana

And, not enough, there are 32 different venues across these four regions where games will be contested.

Time Table for Olympics 2016

The schedule of Olympics 2016 will soon be available on the official website.


If you want to visit Rio during Olympics. Here we give information regarding ticketing. There will be 7.8 million tickets available in which 3.8 are below US $30. The ticket fare for road events like cycling, race walk will be zero.

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