Tips to Speed Up Window 7


Are you fed up of using your computer or laptop having Windows 7 as its software? And blaming your machine’s low performance to Microsoft Windows 7? Well Windows 7 is not the only culprit. 80% of the system downgrade performance is due to the user.

User shall always take care of its system’s performance by adopting various Tips to speed up Windows 7. If you still could not get my point, then let me make you understand further. Actually Windows 7 is a software which works on the per-defined algorithms and instructions written by Microsoft engineers in it.

So, operating Windows 7 effectively, by making a perfect understanding with your system that what’s the requirement and the limits of the system, we can speed up our system. The slow speed of Windows 7 can be a result of installed unnecessary applications, startup applications, cache memory and even the poor hardware configuration (processor or RAM).

So, if you are suffering from the lower performance of Windows 7, you just need to follow the given Tips to speed up Windows 7, which will definitely enhance the performance of your system. Have a look.

Tips to Speed up Windows 7

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TIP 1– Uninstall Unrequired Applications

Since, the system performance is degraded; one of the reasons can be the installation of huge number of applications on your system. So, I suggest you to remove and uninstall the unwanted applications from Windows 7, which will definitely speed up Windows 7 performance.

How to do it? Just follow the path: Start>Control Panel>Programs>Programs & Features. Below window will open, which will have the information of all the applications installed on your computer.


Remove the unwanted applications. NOTE: Do not remove the system drivers, which are always very important.

After removing unwanted applications, restart your machine. You will notice the changes after your machine starts again.

TIP 2– Check the Startup Settings

Most of the readers of this post, will be suffering from the slow startup of the Windows 7. Well that is because, your Windows startup settings need to be modified.

When you start your machine, there are many applications or things which start automatically, and due to them the computer/laptop slows down.So, we can speed up Windows 7 by changing the startup settings.

How to do that? Just click on the Start button. Type msconfigin the Search bar and press Enter. Below dialog box will appear.

tips to speed up Window 7


You now click on the Startup Menu, which will have the list of the applications which get started when your Windows 7 is started. Uncheck the un required applications, like BitTorrent, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Java Script and more.

Apply the changes and then restart your machine. Windows 7 speed will be definitely boosted up.

TIP 3– Delete temporary Files

There are always some temporary files which are stored in some folder, which are not required and thus downgrade the speed of your system. So, they should be deleted.

How to Find the Folder containing temporary files?


Click on Start Menu. Type %temp% in the search bar. And press enter. Consult to the above image for this process. After clicking on Enter button, you will notice that a Temp folder will appear just as below.

tips to speed up window

Now select all the files using CTRL+A key combination and then delete the files permanently using the Shift+Del key combination. A huge memory will be thus emptied (in GBs). Have a look below, on my PC’s temporary files- 910 MB (almost 1 GB).


This method should be repeated frequently within 4-5 days in order to speed up windows 7 of your computer/laptop.

TIP 4- Use an Effective Anti Virus

One of the main reasons of the performance degradation of your system can be the presence of the malwares and viruses in your system, which can come from the internet or from any USB device or from CD/DVD.

So, to remove them, you should get an antivirus for your system. There are many antivirus setups available on the web for download for free. But those are just the trial versions. You should rather buy the full version. Antivirus scans your computer and thus removes the malicious apps, files and other data from your computer.

They also notify the users to halt the opening of a malicious website. On insertion of a USB device or CD/DVD, which is infected from virus, it automatically turns on to tell you. Avast is one of the best antiviruses for the system.

NOTE: Antivirus can be checked off during Windows startup, in order to speed up Windows 7 and then started manually for the scan.

TIP 5– Update Memory

If you are still facing problems, then I may tell you that it is not the fault of your Windows 7 rather is due to the low hardware configuration.So, you should go and upgrade RAM and processor of your system.

I think these are the necessary tips, which can help you to speed up Windows 7 of your system. And if you are still having problems, comment below. Also, like us on Facebook to stay updated with us.


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