How to Use Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4?


We have again come back with an awesome tutorial to do another smart task of using Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4. Well it is one of the most asked questions on the web by the maximum Samsung Galaxy 4
There are always some problems and questions regarding any new feature to the people having less tech knowledge. And there comes the role of Google and the tech guides like us.  Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest innovation of Samsung brand, which have been packed up with many new features.
One of the smart features of Samsung galaxy S4 is Smart Scroll. Other features are Smart Pause, Air View, Air Gestures and Smart Stay. We are only going to discuss about Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4.

What is Smart Scroll feature in Samsung Galaxy S4?

Smart scroll feature was launched with the launch of new Galaxy devices of Samsung and till now (at the time of writing this post) no other brand has equipped in such feature.
So, it is a unique feature. In smart scroll, the front camera of Galaxy S4 has been designed in order to monitor the head of the person. As soon as the camera senses that there has been a movement in the head, it automatically scrolls down the page.
So, use of smart scroll feature on Samsung Galaxy S4 is limited to the reading concept only. If you are reading an email, smart scroll can be effective feature and it can be effective too during the reading some ebook, pdf file or webpage.
So, with the use of Smart Scroll feature, Samsung has reduced the manual touch operation of scrolling or pulling the screen up, to see the next content of a webpage, pdf file, or an email. So, the touch screen technology has been modified to some air technology.

How to Use Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4?

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So, to start using smart scroll feature on Galaxy S4, you need to stick to the steps shown below:
STEP 1 – Open the Notification tray and choose Settings to start with.
STEP 2 – You must be seeing Smart Screen setting options in the Setting menu. You will have to enter that option and the below picture will appear.
STEP 3 – Click on the Smart Scroll (the last one in the above picture) to launch the Smart Scroll settings.


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STEP 4 – Now click on the top right button (next to Smart Scroll) to enable the Smart Scroll feature (as shown in above picture).
So, now you are ready to use smart scroll on your Samsung Galaxy S4 easily. You can choose the options – tilt phone or tilt head to scroll the webpages. If you choose the tilt phone feature then tilt the phone to scroll the pages or for the latter one, you need to tilt your head in order to scroll pages.
You can even control the speed of the scrolling using the below feature of Smart Scroll.

NOTE: This feature is ineffective in the low light conditions.
Still it is useful feature. So have you used Smart Scroll on Samsung galaxy S4 to scroll the pages up and down? Like us on Facebook to stay tuned with us. See you soon with all new tutorials on a new topic.


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