How to setup WiFi router in Windows 7 ?


You must be searching for the above keywords in order to setup your wifi router easily. Well you have come on the right webpage for a very easy guide and almost every required information regarding this procedure. In this article we guide you easy way to how to Set up wifi router in window 7 .wifi

How to setup WiFi router in Windows 7

Need to setup WiFi Router in Windows 7?

Well this is the mostly asked question about the WiFi router. A wifi router is a device which turns your cabled network (broadband connection) to a wireless connection to be used up by a number of wifi enabled devices.

And router plays an effective role in doing so. So, if you have bought a Wifi router, you shall now set up your wifi router on your PC. Most of us use the Microsoft Windows 7 or MS Windows 8 as your PC’s or laptop’s operating system. So, I have shared the guide to set up wifi router on Windows 7 only. Users having windows 8 can also follow the same steps.

Methods to Set Up Wifi router in Windows 7 PC/ laptop

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Method 1 –Windows Connect Now Method

Windows 7 comes with a pre-loaded feature- Windows Connect Now (WCN). If your windows has this feature, then you can adopt this method as it is easier one. Folow the given steps in order to setup your wifi router.

STEP 1- Give the supply to your router using the power adapter (which comes in the package of router). Now insert the broadband cable into your router’s Ethernet port.

STEP 2 –You shall now check the notification area present on the bottom-right part of your PC/laptop’s display. Click on the Network Icon, the leftmost icon shown in the below picture. A list of the wireless networks will be shown in the opened box.

STEP 3 –Check your wifi router’s network, which would be basically the name of your router’s manufacturer (example- TP-Link, D Link etc.) and then click on it.

STEP 4 – Follow the instructions asked by the laptop/computer. You have to put in the 8-digit PIN while setting up your wifi router. That 8 digit PIN comes with the router in a label pasted on the router.


Add the network as public Network and you are done. Your wifi router is set up.

Method 2 –Setup Wifi Router Manually

This method is little long but let’s you to change your router’s username, network name and password. So, you can change your network’s password whenever you want, if you are feeling that the previous password is no longer safe. So, have a look up on this method to setup Wifi router on Windows 7.

STEP 1 –Put some power supply to your router using the power adapter (which comes in the router package during its purchase).


STEP 2 – Connect your router with your laptop/PC, using the network cable (comes in the purchase package of router). One end of the cable should be attached to computer/PC and the other to the router.

STEP 3 –Open the browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla or IE). If confused which one to choose then have look on our list of best browsers 2013. After opening the browser, type router’s configuration address in the URL. Check the below table which has various Wifi routers from different manufacturers.

STEP 4 – After you enter the address, you will be asked to enter the username and the password. You can check the duo from the above table.4

STEP 5 –Now you will be directed to the configuration page of your wifi router as shown in the below picture. Look at the name (SSID)below.


STEP 6 – Change your Network’s Name by Clicking on the Wireless option from the left column. Then put any of your desired name in the Wireless Network Name. Given below is the picture encircling the desired name.

6 7

STEP 7 –Change the Password by clicking on The Wireless option and then Wireless Security. Slide the slider down and you will get the password option. Put in the desired password in the area encircled in the below picture and then click Save.

How to set up wifi router

STEP 8 –Give a reboot to your router with the use of the click option encircled in the above picture.

NOTE: We recommend you to choose WPA/WPA2 as your security settings for a safe and secure connection.

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