Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos


Today we are going to tell you the methods to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos. We are providing you the step wise tutorial for the screenshot capturing method on Samsung Galaxy Trend.

I should firstly tell you to not to go with the risky methods of taking Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos as they can damage your phone and cancel or nullify your phone’s warranty.

The methods like rooting and then capturing Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos or taking the screenshots using the Android Software Development Kit are now outdated as the earlier Android softwares had not the access to provide this feature.

However, the newly manufactures Android smartphones are already receiving very easy methods to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos. So, you do not require any third party application or software for this purpose rather you will have to use the easy and reliable method to do so, which is also the time saving feature in this time-valued world.

So, I will share the easy method to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy trend Duos, for which you are waiting so desperately. So your wait is over. You should read the below method very carefully to get an access over this easy method.

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos?

Here is the easiest method to take screenshot. So you should take a look over it.

Method – Take Screenshot using Hardware Combination Method

Since, this is a hardware combination method; you should always require two basic keys (which are always present on every smartphone. J So you have to read the below steps carefully.


STEP 1 – Start your device and hold it in your hand.

STEP 2 – You will notice Power Key on the right side of the phone and Volume keys on the left hand side.

STEP 3 – Now press and hold the two keys for about 2 seconds.

Your screenshot will be taken and stored in the phone’s memory.Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos

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Where are the screenshots saved?

The screenshots are saved in the phone’s memory. You can access them using the below three methods.

  1. Pull the notification tray of your phone down and then click on the message showing “Screenshot Saved”. You will be directly taken to the screenshot.
  2. Or you follow the path: Menu >Gallery >Screenshots. In the screenshots folder, you will have all the captured screenshots.
  3. Or you can also connect your device with the PC through USB cable. Now you have to browse through your phone’s DCIM folder present in the Camera folder.

So, this is the way that how we take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Trend. If you still have queries, then please don’t feel shy to ask to us. Drop your comments below and like/share us on Google Plus and Facebook.


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