How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Music Duos


So, are you here to know how to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Music Duos smart phone, which is basically an entry level handset coded with the model number. So, you are on the right place as we are going to teach you about the method to do so.

Samsung Galaxy Music Duos is an entry level smartphone. So, there are not many simple methods to take screen shot on it. Samsung has however equipped a method to do so. We are just going to tell you about that.

I should clear firstly that taking screenshot with the methods like android SDK and rooting the device is not appreciated by us. Just follow the below method to take screenshot easily.

How to take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Music Duos ?

Samsung has introduced the simple method to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Music Duos which is the combination of two hardware keys. Follow the given steps.

Hardware Combination Method

STEP 1 – Firstly you should make the screen to be captured in an image as your current screens of the phone. It can be done by launching the specific thing (An application, photo, game or anything which you want to capture on your device) on your phone’s display.

STEP 2 – Now you shall hold the device and put two of fingers on the Home key and Power key respectively. The Home key is on the front side of the display. The power key is present on the top-right side of the device.

STEP 3 – Make a count down, click and hold the two keys together for 2 seconds. You will notice an animation occurring on the display.


You will also hear a capture sound as you have captured a picture. Moreover, the notification bar will show a message- ‘Screenshot saved’. This means that you have successfully registered the action of taking screenshot.
Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Music Duos S6012 Now you can easily go on take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Music Duos . Share your views regarding this post through comments below. You can also ask us the queries regarding this method (if any). Don’t forget to like and share us on Facebook and other social media sites.


Samsung Galaxy Music Duos  is a very budget friendly device which is available in market at very low cost with the appeal to provide experience of Android OS to the poor people. The device sports a 3 inches display with low resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

It has all the basic connectivity features like 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Moreover, this phone is equipped with 3 MP rear camera and 4 GB internal memory. It is a dual SIM phone with the 850 MHz processor of Cortex-A9 type.

1300 mAh battery can provide the talk time backup of 15 hours talk time.

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