How to turn on Samsung Galaxy S4 USB Debugging mode


Well if you are searching for the big HOW- How to turn on Samsung Galaxy S4 USB Debugging mode? Then I should tell you that turning this feature is very simple. Even a child can do this. galaxy S4
More important is that, for what you are going to enable or turn on USB Debugging mode. And what is the need of USB debugging? So, this post is basically containing this information for the newcomers in the application development field.
To make it more clear, let me first ask you a simple question- Have you ever heard about rooting, unrooting of an Android device and why is it done?
If you know, then I appreciate it and for the readers who do not know it, I may tell them a brief note on rooting. Rooting is said to be unofficial as per the rules and regulation of the manufacturers of the Android device.
According to the manufacturers, rooting can damage your warranty claim I future as it voids the warranty. However, on the other end, rooting can be very useful in many ways. Rooting helps the users to install new ROMs (developed by some unofficial sources with their user interfaces).

Why we need Samsung Galaxy S4 USB Debugging Mode?

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Well Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best machine available in the market and that is why there woud be always a chance for the developers to develop good ROMs and applications for this device. And how this mode works?
Well this mode should be enabled first in order to install any application. Then USB cable should be used to connect the PC with the Galaxy S4. After that just transfer the developed applications on the device to test them.
So, did the picture of Samsung galaxy S4 USB Debugging Mode is somewhat clear in mind? If still have queries, you should drop your queries in the comment section below. I move to the next section of this post till then.

How to Turn on Samsung galaxy S4 USB debugging Mode?

It is very easy as I had mentioned earlier. So, now get over the steps to enable it.
STEP 1 – Open the Settings option in your Galaxy S4 from the application tray.
STEP 2 – Now click on More present on the upper-right side of the Settings options.How to turn on Samsung Galaxy S4 USB Debugging mode
STEP 3 – Click on the USB Debugging Mode which will be thus enabled. And you are done.
NOTE: USB Debugging mode is only a concern to the application developers only. The common people shall avoid this post.
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