Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge display


Samsung  Galaxy s8 edge, the new flagship smartphone launch of Samsung which will be coming in the next year 2017, after the massive flop and the recall case of Samsung Galaxy note 7 they  are planning this launch to be a hit!

Although the company is trying to be secretive and hide all the features of the phone, there are yet some anticipations and rumors about what the possible features could be of this phone, Samsung galaxy s8 edge will be launched in the World Congress meet February, 2017.

The company has already delayed the production by 2 weeks because of the recall incident of the previous Galaxy note 7.  The company is still trying to match their deadline and this time they are even more conscious about the quality check of the manufacturing as they need to recover all the loss they have made in their good will previously.

Coming towards the topic and to cut the chase about this new flagship smartphone of Samsung,  Samsung galaxy s8 edge will give you some really exciting features and according to the rumors the company is even planning to compensate the Galaxy note 7 buyers who has exchanged their smartphones with other Samsung devices and products, s8 edge will give you a screen display of 4k screens, prior to this the company believed that the 4k screens were way to mainstream but according to the anticipated rumors the company will even have this new feature in Samsung galaxy s8 edge. 

The company is going to even add the edge to edge display feature or bezel less display which will be based on the OLED display technology, according to the Samsung’s display principal engineer Won- Sang the new flagship smartphone will even have a 90 percent display area ratio, which is around 10 per cent more than the average display area ratio of other smartphones. The average display area ratio is about 80 percent.

The company is likely to even have  two versions of it and  first one will be 5.1 inch with a 2k  Super AMOLED display ,the larger version of this is a 5.5 inch and a 4k display.

The phone may even be powered by Exynos 8895 processor and this phone may even have Snapdragon 830, if the phone really comes up with this feature then the user will be able to download approximately 100 GB data in a matter of just 13 minutes, the internet connection too should be powerful for this though.

According to the rumors and leakages of the features of the Samsung galaxy s8 edge, it will be having a feature of dual rear camera which will work and resemble the word “edge” in the smartphone Samsung galaxy s8 edge.


This is to give an enhanced version of experience to all their users out there! To make them feel even more photogenic, to give a feeling of DSLR click!

It will be a having a primary camera of around 28 pixels and about 8.1 pixel of front (secondary) camera.

So all the selfie addicts out there, be ready for the upcoming new smartphone Samsung Galaxy s8 edge.

This new phone will be having a 6GB RAM, the smartphone is even expected to have a smart specs although it is not yet confirmed but the anticipation says it all, the memory of the phone will even have divided into two one is 64Gb and the other is 128 GB and it will even have an expandable dual micro SD cards.

The smartphone has already created a lot of buzz and the phone is already been predicted to make a good pre sales already.

The  screen display which will have an edge to edge feature is exciting and it also give a 10% of more average display area  than other smartphones is like cherry on the cake.

The company is expecting to gauge a lot of attention because of this and the 4k display screen will be too working in its favor!

The Samsung galaxy s8 edge may not even have a home button which will give you a larger space on the phone and it even adds on to the aesthetics of the phone.

Samsung with every new launch tries to come up with something even better and this time the anticipated rumors say that they are planning to come up with projectors and will have a  steel drake  and will have somewhat three points redefined, although the design is not yet sure.

They will also be ditching the headphone jack and there is a lot in the new Samsung’s this new launch as they want to make this phone better then the best and there will even be a sports projector around the top of the unit which will be right next to the camera flash.

The trendy new smartphone of the Samsung is going to even have a Gear VR headset and will give an enhanced experience to their audience.

Most of the targeted youth will be waiting for this new rumored feature of   Samsung galaxy s8 edge will be even more thrill  if it turns out to be real.

The display, the camera and the other features of the phone is to give people what they have missed on all in their phones, to the loyal audience of Samsung it will be worth it! The phone will cost about 850 dollars and will be launched in the first quarter of 2017 although the launch date is far but I m definitely sure that this launch will be worth it.

Binding by great features the Samsung galaxy s8 edge is surely going to do a great business for the company.


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