Samsung Doesn’t want to Leak Galaxy S8.


“The way to get started is to quit talking and being started”- Walt Disney, Samsung believes in this too!

The anxiety and the thrill a company goes through before the launch of a new smartphone is well-known to all. In all of this, if there is a drip of the features of the phone, then the enthusiasm goes downhill.

But this time Samsung is a bit superfluous conscious about the launch of the Samsung S8, after them being doomed in the Galaxy Note 7 recall. To shield their corporate image, the company is now focusing on Galaxy S8 launch and the reports say that this smartphone is not the usual one, but will give a user a better and an augmented experience.

To avoid the spoilers, according to the information, the Korean company has warned the Samsung executives and employees via email that- “leaks of operational secrets of Samsung galaxy s8, will lead to irreparable consequences and pose a great threat to the financial loss the company will be facing but will also result into broken partnership and loss of trust”.

Ever since the company got their new Group Chairman, son of the X chairman-‘Lee- Kun-Hee’, the sources say that they are restructuring the policies and there might be an anti-leaking policy too!

Whereas on the other hand the Korean firm has asked their suppliers to not leak whatever thing they know about the Samsung Galaxy S8.


According to the speculations the launch date of this inexplicable smartphone, kept so confidential will be pre pounded to avoid the loss the company faced in Galaxy Note 7 saga recall.  So Samsung galaxy s8 may launch before the launch date i.e. February 2017.

This launch will not be just another smartphone launch but will lend a hand to the company in rebuilding their corporate image and good will, which they have dented after the recall of Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung galaxy s8 will have features that are way beyond expectations a 4k screen, Qualcomm’s snapdragon 830 chips, VR headset and much more.

All the tech nerds are frantically waiting for this phone to be out there for purchase. To bang on the markets back with a better impact Samsung has planned the Samsung galaxy s8 launch a turning point for the company and they surely want to do better than the best this time, for which they have been taking so many precautions, way before the official launch of the product.

Although the hearsay about the Samsung Galaxy S8 is out and the predicted features and the guess work have worked like a fuel in the fire, let’s see if it lightens the company or it burns it even more further.

The wait will be worth it, this is what Samsung assures about the Samsung galaxy s8.


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