How to Root Sony Xperia Z?


Guys, today I am going to tell you about the steps to root Sony Xperia Z. So, if interested to this concern, please remain glued with me till the end of this post. I have posted in the very simple method to root Sony Xperia Z. xperia-hero-z-black
Xperia Z is a new kind of flagship Sony device which has definitely increased the sales of Sony in the second half of this year. The reason why this smartphone is so popular in the people is its premium and unique build and the long life of the battery.
Although Xperia Z has been packed with huge number of feature yet if somebody likes to root it for more customization, he/she can read this method to root Sony Xperia Z. But it is mandatory that you should first read the advantages and disadvantages of rooting Sony Xperia Z.

Advantages of Rooting Sony Xperia Z

If you are now bored of the user interface or the Android version, rooting xperia Z can be a fair choice as rooting enables the users to do whatever they want to do with their phone. I mean use the developed softwares and install in to your device after it is rooted.
Moreover, you can choose the clock speed too. That means if you want to designate the percentage of CPU usage to a single heavy app, you can yourself decide its privileges. xperia-z
You can install any ROM developed by some third party or by some software developing firm. So, you can experience many such ROM’s on your smartphone.

Disadvantages of rooting Sony Xperia Z

I recommend the people who have little knowledge of rooting a smartphone, should neglect this post. As little experience and tech knowledge is required for this process. So, trying rooting first on this premium device can ruin your 30000 above device. So think before your root Xperia Z.
Rooting Sony Xperia Z can cause the users to nullify the phone’s warranty. So start rooting your device at your own risk.
So, if you have now made your mind to root Sony Xperia Z, then proceed to the next part.


How to root Sony Xperia Z?

Before going to steps to root the Sony Xperia Z, you should read the necessary requirements which will be very useful to you.
You should firstly make a backup of all your data (SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Music and video files, pictures and other useful files) through the backup and restore application, or on the memory card.
Put your phone your charge. It should be fully charged during this process. Low battery can thud lead to interrupt this process and damage your device.

Steps to Root Sony Xperia Z

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Firstly enable the Sony Xperia Z USB Debugging mode by flowing path: Settings> Development> USB Debugging.

Download Sony Flash tool to start this process

After that simply, install this tool and launch it.Use the USB cable to connect Sony Xperia Z with your PC/laptop/desktop.
After the connection has been made, you need to open the command prompt (Click on the Start Button and then type cmd in search bar and then press Enter key.)
Now when the cmd (black colored prompt) will appear, type shutdown –o-r-t o and then press enter.
A window will open in front of you, so select Disable Driver Signing and then click on Have Disk option to install drivers of the downloaded file.

Now you will have to download the rooting file –

Extract the file and double click on the RunMe.bat file present in the extracted folder. Clicking on it will show you the restore date option. Click on it and after few minutes new message will be display- Restoring data is completed.
Now open the phone dialer in the Xperia Z and dial #*#7378423#*#* and then click on Service tests I the service menu.
Click on the Display option and then switch off your device. After it gets switched off, click on th Power button to start it.
Now you will notice some commands running on its startup and after the message- Cleaning up is displayed on the screen, the phone will restart automatically.
After it gets on, you will notice that you have finally rooted Sony Xperia Z.


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