How To Reset Sony Xperia Z


Being an awesome device, Sony Xperia Z, you might not be giving rest to your Sony Xperia Z. Due to extensive game play, net surfing and other things, sometimes the device gets less responsive. It causes unusual errors which are to be tackled by the smartphone’s owners. xperia-hero-z-black
So, do you know what are those errors, from where they come and how to remove them? If not, then do not worry. I am here to tell you everything about it. So, let me tell you the error removal part first. It can be done by resetting your Sony Xperia Z. After you hard reset Sony Xperia Z, it will work normally.

Why is Hard Reset | Factory Reset of Sony Xperia Z required?

Well, let me tell you that every manufacturer puts in a measure into its devices in order to retain back the device to normal position, when it is behaving unusually. So, for this a set of instructions has been put into the software/ firmware.
Those instructions have the highest priority over the other tasks,when it is prompted by the user. So, when you choose hard reset Sony Xperia Z, the phone gets reset. And hard reset meand that you are making your phone to operate like a brand new factory outlet. So, all your changes done in the phone will be removed and the pre-loaded software and UI having pre-loaded apps (after the time of its box opening) will appear and the other data will be washed off.


What is the need of Factory reset Sony Xperia Z?


There is no as such damage to your phone while resetting it. I recommend everyone to factory reset your device (any smartphone) after few days with gap of 15-20 days. It will help increasing the life of your device and always make it ready-to-go device.
You will notice that after your reset Sony Xperia Z, it will become fresh. The speed will be enhanced and the processing will be even better. And the most important need to reset device is to remove the errors, malwares and viruses in the phone.

How to reset Sony Xperia Z

Here we will guide you step by step to How to reset Sony Xperia Z in four simple steps ?

STEP 1 – Launch the application tray and choose the Settings option.
STEP 2 – Click on the Backup and Restore settings.
STEP 3 – Select the Reset Phone option from there.
STEP 4 – Click on Erase Everything to reset Sony Xperia Z.

Voila! You have successfully resettled your device. Still facing problems in the methods to hard reset Sony Xperia Z, you can ask your queries by dropping your comments below.


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