How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 ?


I know you must be searching for a post to tell you the ways of how to reset Samsung Galaxy S4? So, this post has been written by me in order to tell you everything about the hard reset or factory reset. galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 is the star of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones lineup and is amongst the best smartphones in the world. So, owning a handset like Galaxy S4 is really a big thing in whole.
So, if you have Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is causing some unusual errors, then post is going to be very meaningful to you. Just stick to this post I have solution to your problem.


What is Factory Reset | Hard Reset?

For the people who are unaware about these terms, I have a brief note to give some idea about these terms. Factory reset or hard reset are the same terms and which have same functionality but given different names.
Actually, the manufacturers put some algorithms in their coding in device’s firmware or software. That algorithm can be said as the error tackling algorithm. Although the developers remove all the bugs and errors from the software, yet they provide an alternative to the users to reset their device when the device is not responding correctly.
So, hard reset or factory is the last possible method or step to be taken by the users to save its phone’s functionality. So, same is the case with Samsung Galaxy S4, which is packed with so many features. But in case it gives unusual behavior, hard reset option has been provided by Samsung in it.
Advantages of Hard Reset | Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S4
He smartphones are much popular now-a-days. And with their 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity features, usage of the internet on smartphones has become common.
Galaxy S4 also has such browsing features. So, being an Android device, it has much exposure to the bugs, viruses and malwares which can harm the functionality of the device.
In such cases, phone causes errors or behaves unusually and there is a need of reset Samsung Galaxy S4.
So, now I think that you must be understood about the need of Hard Reset completely. So let us not linger in here only and move further to the steps to reset Samsung Galaxy S4.

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 (Hard Reset | Factory Reset)?

STEP 1 – Firstly make backup of your useful data (contacts, SMMS, images, audio, video files etc.)
STEP 2 – Launch the application launcher and select the Settings from there.
STEP 3 – Choose the Accounts from the Settings menu.
STEP 4 – Click on Backup and Reset option.
STEP 5 – Click on Factory Data Reset.
Now you have successfully reset Samsung Galaxy S4. Wasn’t this tutorial to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4 so easy?
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