How to take a screenshot on PlayStation 4 (PS4) ?


PlayStation 4 is the modern gaming console which users delightfully use for the real-time gaming. PlayStation 4 is already a very stable gaming console in which the games with high end graphics can be played.

What if you require taking screenshot of a screen depicting the midway of any game you are playing through the gaming console then it is possible. The very easy method by which you can take screenshot on PlayStation 4 has been shared below.

How To Take Screenshot on PlayStation 4 (PS4)?

For easy understanding I have divided the process into steps:

STEP 1 – Starting the Console

The PlayStation 4 should be running and the desired game should also be running on the Console whose screenshot you want to take of.

STEP 2 – Taking the Screenshot

Now since you are playing the game and suddenly a point comes when you are winning over the opponent and you desire to capture that moment into picture and share it with your friends, then no matter just simply press the ‘Share Button’ just once. Press and hold it for a second and a screenshot will be taken by the console. The camera icon at the top right corner of the display will confirm the screenshot registration. Now you can either wait for the completion of game or you can pause it and go for further steps.



STEP 3 – Sharing the Screenshot

Sharing the screenshot directly from gaming console is one of awesome feature of PlayStation 4.

  • Firstly one has to fetch the ‘Captures’ folder. This folder holds the captured screenshots and can be approached by going to the function screen and after selection of your profile.
  • Now press the ‘Share button’ to open up all the sharing options (Share Menu)
  • Select the ‘Upload Screen Shot Option’ and choose the captured screenshot among the list and it will start uploading the picture.
  • There will be many Share options to which you want to share your picture. For instance, if you want to share picture on your Facebook ID, choose Facebook from the Share menu.
  • If you will be logged in to the Facebook or other desired sharing profile, then it’s OK, otherwise you will be asked to sign in. Sign in with the login and password details of your account.
  • Then add the Comment or Status kind of text messages by simply typing (for the tagline of picture), and click on ‘Share Button’.

Your picture will be shared in no time and your task is done.

So, friends, in similar way, you can share the video also. There would be a little change in step 2 i.e. the video capture step. You will have to press the ‘Share Button’ two times instantly for the video recorder to start with simultaneous game play and whenever you think the recorder should be stopped, click once on the Share button.

Follow the step 3 as it is, the ‘Captures Folder’ will also contain the recorded videos too.

So, guys! This way you can take screenshot as well as video captures on PlayStation 4. Even if you get any type of problems, feel free to ask from us by dropping your comments below.



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