LG Delay G7 Release Date Due to V30 Launch


It has been confirmed officially – LG G7 is not going to be launched at MWC. Instead, it will be LG V30 Alpha that will debut at the show. Days after an LG spokesperson suggested that rumors of rework being ordered on G7 are untrue and the development of device is on schedule, the MD of LG’s South Africa division has told that the device will be “little bit late” and it will be LG V30 Alpha that will debut at MWC instead.

Speaking to Android Authority, Mr. CY Kim, Managing Director, LG South Africa, said:

 “We will introduce at MWC for V30… upgraded version (sic).”

And while there’s nothing new in this report (we already knew that G7 is unlikely to be launched at MWC because there were no press conferences scheduled by the company), it’s the first time when a company executive has confirmed that LG G7 will not be launched at MWC. All other reports till now were from unofficial sources.


But LG is still more “mum” than it should be…

However, at the same time, it’s also unclear that when will company launch its V30 Alpha at MWC. That is because no press invites have been sent out yet by the company. LG V30 Alpha, in case you don’t know, will be a slightly upgraded version of LG V30+ launched by the company last year.

Not much is known about it though, except for the fact that it will have a number of cool Artificial Intelligence-based features. Tight integration with Google Assistant is likely to aid in a number of those AI features, while some others may be engineered almost entirely by LG. Hardware specs of the device are likely to be not much different from V30 and V30+.

Conventions Have Broken

Last year company had launched its G6 flagship smartphone at MWC, so there were hopes that same will happen this year too. However, the company has changed its smartphone business strategy and has decided to chart its own course rather than following the industry traditions, so G7 is not being launched at the show.

We expect LG G7 to debut after MWC in March or April, and we’ll let you know when it’s about to happen.


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