Iphone 7s Release date, rumors, Price and features.


Iphone 7s, one of the latest and most awaited launches of the Elite smartphone company, Apple.

The buzz is all over the world that Apple is launching their new Iphone in the fourth quarter of the year 2017.  The tech nerds are yet not sure that if this new Iphone launch will be an” Iphone 7S or an Iphone 7plus” or directly they will launch “ Iphone 8 “ just as they have launched “Iphone 6” and “Iphone 6plus”

But the anticipation made by the other tech veterans says that Iphone will soon be launching Iphone 7s.

The thrill everyone is going through to know the breathtaking features this Iphone 7s will have is more than obvious.

Iphone 7s will be superior in features than its forerunners, the screen, storage capability and the software everything will be more defined and enhanced then earlier Iphone series. Iphone 7swill have the latest IOS 10 and will be bigger in the screen size in comparison with Iphone 6 and Iphone 6plus.

The USP of Iphone 7s will be explicit for it to standout of the competition; get declared as a straight victory.

Iphone 7s features are-

Sapphire Glass – To give the best of best know-how to their users, Iphone 7s has a sapphire glass, resilient in nature, instead of having the Corning’s Gorilla glass. The sapphire glass is comparatively better; to be precise it is unbreakable. So now the user is no longer scared of the screen breaking into part of the packs after a plunge. The company is already using this glass in the Iwatch product. To give better results and brace yourself from the horror of shattered screen, Iphone has been investing a lot in this sapphire glass from GT advanced technologies.

Button less design – Focusing on aesthetics and to bring a change in their traditional outlook of the Iphone series. The company has come up with ‘Button less design’ in their Iphone 7s. Apple is trying to reduce the home button as it is taking the legroom on the screen. Rumors say that apple will come up with a finger print sensor beneath the display so that the user can unlock their phones and use them without the necessitate of the home button.

Wireless charging – A feature in which the company has already lagged behind then its rivals is wireless charging. The Iphone 7s is expected to have this feature as well as it gives convenience to the users. Rumors says that for Iphone 7s will soon be working in with ‘Energous’ the wireless technology developer.

Improved I sight camera  Iphone 7s will be having an improved I sight camera, basically a better version of picture quality is what the user will get to experience in this new Iphone. According to the anticipation the Iphone 7s will be having I sight camera, it has an intelligent burst mode and a dual LED with a white and amber elements, it will have a 13 megapixel primary camera and will have an 8 megapixel secondary camera. This feature is already seen in the Ipad and I pod touch. So Iphone pictures are more over for selfie junkies! And people who want to capture all their memories in pictures, you get a better and defined camera in just your Iphone and need not require a professional camera.

Water proof – The fear we always have of tripping with our precious phone during rainy season, or picking up an urgent call while doing house chores or taking an extremely urgent call while bathing will now be gone with this new Iphone 7s, water proof feature in the new Iphone 7s will give you the comfort, you always wanted. According to the anticipated rumors, the Iphone 7swill have IP67. IP67 if used enables the device to not get damaged even if it is dipped in the water for more than 30 minutes.

OLED display – Iphone 7s will have new OLED display, if this turns out to be true then the Iphone 7swill be reaching new levels of sales. OLED display enables the screen to have its own illuminated light unlike the LCD lights.  OLED display will be a cherry on the cake to all the Iphone 7s buyers and potential buyers may turn their decision towards Iphone 7s soon.  This will enable the user to get a better contrast ratio and improved viewed angels  and probability of Iphone 7s having a 5.5 inch  OLED panels 

Body shape – Iphones still have the aluminum body but this Iphone 7s have curved ends instead of having those pointy boxed shape ends, which works smoothly for all the users. And this new Iphone is also coming in Black and Jet black colors.

Headphones- The headphone jacks took a lot of space, which will now no longer be there in this new Iphone and it is gone. Instead apple is using a taptic engine and this helps you to get a haptic feedback when you press the home button according to the Japanese tech veterans these taptic engines are basically high performance motor. The Iphone 7s isn’t the first place where the company has used this feature, but it is also been used in Iwatch. So basically Apple has drastically moved from linear actuator to taptic engines and shook the world of flagship smartphones

Moving on towards the Price of this so Desirable Iphone, reading these awesome features I am sure you are even more tempted to buy it and according to the anticipated rumors the price of this Iphone 7s will be around these rates


So tempted enough to buy the Iphone 7S? Well not yet let us know more about the updates the company is trying to come up with in their new Iphone series.

Apple is trying to reduce the size and weight of the Iphone, anticipated tech giant is further going to reduce the size, Iphone 7s is going to be slimmer and stylish in comparison with other Iphone and in that case may even rank 1 in aesthetics as apple is focusing a lot on the outer look of the phone and it will be 1mm thinner than the other Iphone.

According to the latest leak the tech giant will be ditching the headphone jack and will be going upto 3.5mm to make it even more slimmer. The sources even say that this Elite smart phone company is getting into having a glass body rather than an aluminum body, rumors and anticipators also say that they will be having a dual sensor camera for better picture quality.

Apple is planning to launch this new Iphone 7S with a pressure sensitivity button and this will enable the user to get alerted with a vibrating tone if and when the pressure increases on the device. Isn’t it incredible? Iphone 7s will not only bring you an enhanced experience but will also give you alert calls accordingly.

And according to the most heard rumor Apple want to come up with some awesome on their 10th anniversary, they may even launch  Iphone 8 directly instead of Iphone 7s of Iphone 7 plus.

Although they are always into S series, but the tech giant is planning to directly jump on launching Iphone 8 and they may even have a ceramic compound which will be scratch resistant, so you need not worry about the screen of the phone.

Iphone 7s is going to be the next big thing in the market of Phones and in the year 2017, the company is planning to launch their new I phone in the 4th quarter of 2017 so that they can make a good sale of their newly launched Iphone 7.

Iphone 7, though expensive is doing a great business and even had made up to a decent pre order business.

And with this new launch of Iphone 7s the company is planning to reach up the new records of business. Although the anticipated price is around the Iphone 7 price list. The company is still trying to standout with its sales because of the splendid features they have to offer in their new Iphone 7s.

Apple is not only trying to improvise the outer look and the software base of the phone but also experiment new things which they never have done in any of their Iphone’s to give their customer a better and enhanced experience.

The new Iphone 7s will not only be water resistant but will also be dust resistant and you need not worry about the dust that gets settled on your phone and make it looks dull and old.

Or you need not even cover your phone to protect it from the rainy or dusty days. Iphone7s gives a user an experience that they always wanted with their phone, that is just to be carefree about them being spoilt or having scratches or looking old cause of the dust sticking to it all over.

However in this case the apple is running behind then their rival Samsung, as Samsung has already launched this dust resistant feature with IP67 and that is a very advanced version of dust resistance.

According to the sources Iphone 8 is expected to have a 10- nanometer A11 chip that will result into efficiency and fast processor and according to the anticipation of it may even include the long range wireless charging and it may even have facial scanning.

Iphone 7s will be so exclusive that practically the user will not only have complete privacy but will get to experience an advanced technology experience in just one smart phone.

So on a tip of your fingers you get to experience the best of the best in the upcoming launch of Iphone 7s. And according to the most famous apple blogger John Gurber the Apple has plans to have an edge to edge display.

The company is planning to eliminate bezels from the top and bottom of the phone, but in case if the company plans to drop out this feature then the Iphone 7s will be about 5.8 inches of display approximately.

Launch date of Iphone 7s

Even though the company is trying to launch the Iphone 7s as early as they can, it will still be launched in the 4th quarter of the 2017, probably around the month of September the official launch will be done. However the official date has been leaked out as a rumor but may be true which is 8th September 2017.

So all the excited buyers of this new exclusive phone have to wait for some more time, Iphone assures their users that this wait will be worth it and they will not have any disappointment.

The work for this new Iphone is been taking  place in Israel and the overheard things say that the employees are calling it Iphone 7s, but the Apple  has yet not confirmed  the name of this launch.

And the company has already been geared up with the productions and all set to hit the markets in the coming financial year and to be the knock all the competitors down with their exclusive launch.

Just a year to go and the person will get to experience the best of the Iphone series,

“You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for”.

The Iphone 7s or maybe the Iphone 8 whatever will be launched by the company will be worth the entire wait the users will have.


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