How to Install Windows 8 from USB pendrive?


Microsoft has its most concern on its newly developed Windows 8.1 now How to Install Windows 8 from USB pendrive? However, the previous Windows 8 had won many hearts after facing some criticism too of new UI. However, I loved the new user interface of Windows 8 with its colorful tiled metro styled looks.Windows 8
If anybody, reading this post, has the older Windows OS like Windows 7, XP or Vista, he/she can download and install Windows 8 very easily on their systems (only if the system’s configuration is more than that of Windows 8 requirements).
I have an easy method to install Windows 8 on your PC/desktop or laptop using the USB pendrive. Yes, most of the people are not aware of this method to install Windows 8 from USB Pendrive, which thus increases the ease and decreases the need of storing the DVD/C of Windows 8.

What is the requirement to Install Windows 8 from USB Pendrive?

Here are the general requirements to execute this operation. Have a look:
Make USB pendrive bootable with Windows 8
A system with good configuration
Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool (required to make bootable pendrive)
Now you shall go for the steps to install the Windows 8 from USB pendrive. Stick to these steps very carefully as incorrect understanding of a single step can lead you to an unsuccessful attempt to install Windows 8.Logo


How to install Windows 8 from USB pen drive?

STEP 1 – Firstly you have to arrange an ISO file for Windows 8. You can either buy it from the Microsoft store or you can create your own ISO using the Windows USB/DVD download tool or Nero.
STEP 2 – To buy Windows 8 ISO visit Microsoft page
STEP 3 – Skip this step if you have followed step 2. So, you can create Windows 8 ISO using Nero tool – internal link.
STEP 4 – Skip this step if you have followed anyone from the step 2 or step 3. So, if you have a CD/DVD of Windows 8, you can create ISO using Windows USB/DVD download tool. The method is given in the link (provided in the step 5)
STEP 5 – Follow this step if you have skipped step 2. Now you have to just use the ISO image of Windows 8 to make pen drive bootable– internal link.
STEP 6 – So, I assume now that you have an 8 GB USB pendrive which is bootable with Windows 8. Restart your PC/desktop or laptop and then change the BIOS settings by clicking on F2 or Del key on keypad.
STEP 7 – Go to the Boot Menu and select the removable device as your primary bootable device. Save changes.
STEP 8 – Now press any key from keyboard when it asks Press any key to boot. The Windows 8 installation guide will start up and you follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 8 successfully.
I have put on some screenshots for the users’ convenience as below:
After that you will be able to install Windows 8 very easily.
Note: To install Windows 8 using USB pendrive, you shall make sure that the pendrive should not be removed from the USB port of your system until the whole installation process completes up.
So, I think, it is a very god guide for you to install Windows 8 using USB pendrive. If you still are facing some problems, then please let us know and comment below.


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