IELTS Exam Pattern


What is IELTS ?


The full form of IELTS is International English Language Testing System. Ielts exam was established in 1989. Ielts exam pattern was updated after few years of establishment.

It was designed to check the ability of person He/She is capable or not capable to do work or study in English speaking country.

Now IELTS exam is managing by Cambridge English Assessment, IDP and BC (British Council).

IELTS is the one of most popular English language test in whole world. Nearly 3 million tests were taken annually from last few years in various 140 countries.’

Where it is Required ?

IELTS exam is must required to get admission in Universities / Academies / Institutes of English speaking country such as, Australia, Canada,  New Zealand , UK and so on other countries.

It’s also approved in approximately 3000 academic institution of U.S.A. (United States of America)

IELTS is not only requirement of Universities / Academies / Institutes of English speaking country it is also become one of the major requirement of Immigration  authorities as well as professional organization of Australia, Canada,  New Zealand , UK and U.S.A.

Types of IELTS Exam

There are two types of IELTS exam.

  • Academic
  • General Training:

Academic:  Academic test is hire to check the ability of understanding English of those candidates who want to study in Universities / Academies / Institutes of English speaking country.

General Training:  General training test is to test the ability of Read, Write, Listen, and Speak of those persons who want to get work experience and training in the country where English is the first spoken language. In addition for those who want to migrate permanently in English speaking countries.

IELTS Exam Pattern

The both types of IELTS exam Academic & General are contributes in four modules Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. First three modules of IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing are taken in one day and Speaking test is taken in period of seven days before or after from the date of exam of other three modules. Briefly detail about every individual IELTS exam’s module and IELTS Exam Pattern is given below.

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking


IELTS exam’s Listening module is comprises i3in Four sections. 10 Questions  in every  individual section.

The duration of listening module of IELTS is 40 minutes. It takes 30 minutes to play recording and 10 minutes to transfer answers on answer sheet.

Ielts exam pattern of Listening module was designed in four Sections.

Section 1. In the 1st section there is a conversation between two peoples for example Telephone conversation , Form filling etc.

Section 2. In the 2nd section only one person give a speech on any particular topic for instance History lecture, Political speech etc.

Section 3. At the time of third section there is a recording of discussion between two or three students.

Section 4. In the fourth section only one speaker speak continuously on any topic with little bit pauses in this  section speaker speak fast as compare to other section.

According to Ielts exam Pattern There are 40 questions in IELTS Listening exam. All questions are in same order as information given in recoding so speaker speak every section’s answers line wise. There is little bit pauses to look remaining question after finishing of every section.



IELTS Reading module is contributes in three section in these three sections there are different passages of 2150 to 2750 words in which 40 various questions Multiple choice, Short-answer type Questions, Identifying information, Identifying writer’s views,Labeling Diagrams, Completing  summary , Matching information , Matching Headings , True / False / Not given, Yes / No / Not given etc.


Academic Reading: In the academic reading of IELTS there are three reading passages which can come from Books, Magazines, News Papers , Journals as well as from any scientific issues, about History and other on-line or off-line resources written for  non specialist audience.There is no need of specific knowledge about topic in  IELTS reading . It is just for check the ability and understanding of reading.

General Reading: In the general reading of IELTS contain two or three short several passages which deals with daily life topic by which they check ability of understanding which candidates will face while living in English Speaking Country and next text related to work for instance Job description , Interview, Contracts after that there is last passage which little bit long as compare first two passages which is about general interest.

Note: Student will not get any extra time to transfer their answer on an answer sheet such as listening .



IELTS exam’s writing module contain two tasks task 1 and task 2 one of them is same for both Academic and General candidates and one is different. In the writing module IELTS Exam Pattern of Acedamic and general is little bit difference.

Writing Academic:

  • Task 1 In this task there is a Graph / Chart / Table displayed on question paper of exam so candidate have to describe them in 150 to 180 words in 20 minutes.
  • Task 2 In this task a statement is given such as Discussion on point of view , Arguments or problem , Agree / Disagree etc. Candidate have to write essay of 250 words on that view.

Writing General

  •  Task 1 Test taker will give a letter based on daily life situation for example: write a letter to your boss  about weak points of staff, write a letter to your principal to know about exam pattern etc.
  • Task 2 In this task a statement is given such as Discussion on point of view , Arguments or problem , Agree / Disagree etc. Candidate have to write essay of 250 words on that view.



In the speaking module of IELTS there is a face to face 11 to 14 minutes interview with examiner.In IELTS Exam Pattern Speaking  module contributes in three parts.

 Speaking 1st part : Introduction in which IELTS examiner put question about Family, Work, Study, Hobbies, Interests, reasons for attempting IELTS exam as well as Clothing, Spending Free time and so many other question about your self of 4-5 minutes.

Speaking 2nd part: In this part there is a Que card such as: Describe a historical place which you have vist recently ? Candidates get 1 minute to prepare their topic after that they have to  speak 2 minutes about que card.

Speaking 3rd part: In this section there is 4 to 5 minutes discussion between examiner and candidate about what candidate speak in speaking’s 2nd part .

Duration of IELTS Exam

According to IELTS Exam Pattern Listening, Reading, Writing modules of IELTS are taken in one day in one sitting these modules take 2:40 minutes 60 minutes reading, 60 minutes writing, 40 minutes listening and Speaking test is taken in period of seven days before or after from the date of exam of other three modules and duration of speaking is 11 – 14 minutes.


There is not any condition of Pass or Fail in IELTS exam it is scored in 9 band score’s scale with each and overall. Each mean to say band scores in every each module of IELTS  and in the average bands from all modules of IELTS in known as overall. The description of nine bands is given below.
band descriptors (1)


that’s it here we provide Briefly details about IELTS , IELTS exam pattern , Duration of IELTS exam and so many other details of IELTS Keep in touch with us in MY DAILY SCANNER regarding more updates of IELTS as well as IELTS Exam Pattern . 


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