How To Take Screenshot On Google Nexus 5?


How To Take Screenshot On Google Nexus 5?

Do you own a Google’s manufactured device? My concern is to the latest Google Nexus 5. If yes, then do not need to worry about the method to take screenshot on Google Nexus 5.

Taking screenshot of Google Nexus 5 is very easy on this device. And this post has been written in the context of providing you the details of the take screenshot Google Nexus 5 or screen capture facility of this device.

It should be noted that we never support the hectic methods to take screenshot like Android Software Development Kit and Rooting your Nexus 5. We on the other hand have the easiest method on this planet to take screenshot Google Nexus 5 and I am going to make you understand this method.

How to screenshot Google Nexus 5?

So, guys, for the method, which I am talking about is- The Hardware Combination method. And in this method, the Google’s Android KitKat version plays its role. The coding has been pre-placed in the phone which makes the phone to take screenshot whenever you press the designated keys together for a moment.

To take screenshot Google Nexus 5, you should follow the bellow steps:


STEP 1 – Find the Power key of Nexus 5. It is present on the right side of the phone.

STEP 2 – The second key, which is required to take screenshot is the Volume Down key. Volume down key is present on the left side of the phone.

STEP 3 – You should make the current screen of the thing, which you want to take screenshot of Google Nexus 5.

STEP 4 – Now press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys together for a second. An animation will appear on the display confirming that your action of taking screenshot has been registered.

Now slide down the notification tray and click on the captured screenshot. You can also have access over the captured screenshot by finding out the Screenshot Folder in the gallery of your phone
Take Screenshot Google Nexus 5
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