How to Prevent Hair Loss


Today, lives are full of tensions, worries that lead to many problems like weight gain, high blood pressure etc. When your mind is so much stressed, that usually causes hair loss problems also.

It is not important that this problem is genetically transferred , it can be caused due to any problem either tensions, work pain, stress or can be caused due to improper diet. An improper diet leads to deficiency of some minerals and vitamins in our body.

There is no specific age for hair loss. It can be seen in people within any age group.


So here are some tips by which you can prevent hair losses in Early age

  • Proper Diet

A proper diet is mandatory for a healthy living. You must adopt good eating habits like eating on time and of course eating healthy. Eat green vegetables which make the immunity system strong and avoid eating ready to eat foods. Diet directly affects our metabolism. So diet must be considered and must be looked upon too.

  • Meditation

Make yoga a part of your life. Firstly it makes your life disciplined and gives you a healthy lifestyle. Try yoga practices daily. Do meditation and find yourself within. It makes you free from any kind of stress and worries and makes you feel very relaxed.

“Be a Yogi.”

  • Use A Mild Shampoo

Always use a mild shampoo for washing your hairs. Never use harsh shampoo as they make roots of hair very weak. Never use same shampoo for long time, Switch between different shampoos for your hairs. And most importantly, use the shampoo of your hair type only.

  • Oiling Your Hair

People hate natural oils but like those harsh hair sprays and gel. Hair sprays and hair gels make our hair weak and more prone to hair losses. If you use such products then give proper oiling to your scalp and protects them from getting dried. Always use natural oils. As such oils provide proper nourishment to our hairs.


hair massage


  • A Hair Massage

Always get a hair massage with some hot oil as massaging resumes the blood flow in the scalp and properly nourishes the scalp. People usually have white material called dandruff, which is only because of lack of proper nourishment to your scalp. With massage, roots of the hair gets nourished and you will surely see less hair fall after oiling.

  • Avoid Hair Styling Machines

We see so many hair styling machines in market. But these hot hair styling machines adversely affects the hair. It causes split ends and weakens our hair. Our hairs become harsh by using such products. As temperature of such devices is very high which burn our hair. So such products must be avoided.



  • Tie Your Hair Lightly

Never tie your hairs very tightly as it stretches the roots of our hairs and leads to hair fall. So tie a very loose rubber to bind your hairs. Always try to bind your hairs properly rather than leaving them free. As free hair, fall soon. So always try to bind your hairs, or do a loose pony.

  • Combing Techniques

Never comb dry hairs. Only comb your hairs with a soft hair brush. Avoid small narrow hair brushes. Try only broad hair brushes which don’t hurt your hairs and do not cause hair losses.

  • Avoid Hair Colors

People, in race of looking fashionable, try on different hair colours that in turn harm your hairs. Your hairs will become weak and start falling. So such harmful colors must be avoided.

  • Medical Advice

If all practices do not give you desired results then you can have medical assistance. You can consult your doctor, he/she can give you medical aids or can tell you to have hair transplant. Medical advice is above all for serious cases.

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