Gionee Elife S8 Features, rumors, release date, price


Competing well with the tech giants in spite of being new, these tech giants have reached to another level. Gionee is all set to launch Gionee s8, announced back in the year 2015, the Gionee smartphone is finally set with the release of the new smartphone Gionee elife S8 and to bang the markets with it and gauge a lot of market share and over take in the disappointed customers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. A very smart move to launch this phone at the world mobile congress to be noticed by the world at once.

This china based mobile manufacturing company is a new player and still it is prominent with the trends in the smartphone market.

Earlier the buzz about this new launched phone was not much until Gionee announced some of the features of the product which were unknown to the people. But according to the anticipated rumors the new smartphone of Gionee was going to have a sapphire glass and a OLED display, well let us see if the company has made up to out expectations or no.

With a list of promising and fascinating features this new cell phone is doing reasonably good in the market.

The features are unique and based on this the company has drawn their USP.

The company has promised that this new Gionee Elife S8 will have a hassle free shooting feature, so now the users get to be all photographers and selfie lovers with this phone, this smartphone has a primary camera of 16 mega pixel with a dual LED flash which enables the user to capture all of their pictures even in dark and they will never miss on their favorite moments anymore because of Gionee Elife S8 smart phone and  this even has a rear secondary camera of 8 mega pixel.

Offering still better than the other cell phones? Still in budget, Gionee elife s8 even includes a pressure sensitive display, competing with the Elite I phone 8 which have yet one year to be launched; Gionee has come up with this feature even before them, Kudos! To this smart phone company.

Moving on to the USP of the phone is that, Gionee Elife S8 hasa 5.5 inch display screen and has a width of about 74.9mm with a AMOLED display and it even has a 3D touch and is even packed by full HD IPS display, but the main focus and the catchy thing about the phone is that it has 1920 x1080 pixels for high resolution viewing pictures, good enough to tempt you to buy this smartphone? Well then there is a lot more to come.

The company has a 64 GB internal storage with an expandable memory of 128 GB, you need not worry about low storage space anymore and get everything stored in your device itself without even spending money on SD cards whereas the RAM of the phone is upto 4GB, with some much memory on board there are less chances of the phone to get hanged and you can now multi task without facing any problem because of the good amount of storage space.

To cover all the aesthetics of the phone the Gionee has launched this new phone of theirs in two new colors, this is a first ever launch of the Gionee smartphone to come in these colors –‘Pink and Gold and even Red gold’

The company has come up with some unusual colors and Now you can choose your own color and enjoy this new smartphone without missing on your favorite color themes.

To enhance the performance of the new phone, Gionee has tried to make it even better by improvising the battery life of the phone, this new Gionee elife S8 has a new octa –Core processor and has been clocked by 1.9ghz, so this makes the smartphone to perform even more better than any other phones ranging in this rate and budget.

The android of this smartphone is the latest and the upgraded version which is Android 6 Marshmallow, this handset will have a non removable battery and will even have a uni body of metallic chassis.

The price rate of Gionee elife s8 is about 38,999 Rupees, in comparison with their competitors do have a lot to offer at a very reasonable rate. so in case if you want to buy a smartphone with all the features above mentioned and still confused about the brand to go for, then let me tell you Gionee is doing great, the quality of the phone is moderately doing good and loved by people.


Not only this but the phone also falls in the budget, Samsung galaxy s6 edge is of about 50,000 and Iphone 7 is about 70,000 rupees.

So comparatively Gionee is much cheaper and preferable.

The launch date of the Phone was in the month of February 2016, Gionee wanted to launch this new phone of theirs at the Mobile world congress held in Barcelona, when they even declared their new smartphone brand logo and a tag line that said –“ Make smiles”.

This launch of Gionee was very crucial for the company as after the Samsung Note 7 recall issues, people were switching over to different brands and this gave Gionee a possibility of grabbing all the new users to their basket.

So coming up a new smartphone with explicit and dazzling features and even unusual was more of a strategy.

The phone was finally launched on 22nd February and was made available in India’s retail stores a week later, the pre booking revenue that the phone has got is amazing to know and they have sold a lot of handsets even in the very first month after the launch.

So not enough before the launch but surely after the launch of this smartphone the company has gauged a lot of attention in the markets.

One can even order this smartphone from all the e- commerce websites, the least  price of the phone in all the varied colors that the company is offering the phone in-“ Gold, Rose gold and pink”  is on Amazon for about 37,0000 rupees and even on ebay for about 37,300 rupees.

The Gionee smartphone is coming up with a 3000mAh that enables the phone to charger faster than the normal smartphone and even works efficiently. The smartphone even comes up with better connectivity features such as 4G LTE with VolTE and even Bluetooth 4.1 and even GPS.

According to the anticipated features of the phone, the company has done averagely well, even though there wasn’t much of a buzz about the phone, the tech giants had their own anticipation of the features to be in this new smartphone.

The phone is a dual sim phone and it also supports network of 4G, 3G as well as 2G but only with the Indian sim cards.

The company has added features to the phone which they probably never came up with in any of their last releases and launches. The company announced that all the tech and the smartphone lovers are eagerly waiting for the release of the phone.

The company has gauged a lot of attention for their new smartphone Gionee elife s8 as they have assured the buyers that the phone will give hassle free photographs to the users isn’t it just wow!

Along with this the AMOLED display which works like a cherry on the cake as this helps to reduce the response time of the phone to a millisecond, Gionee elife s8 is powered by  MediaTek MT6755 this helps to develop the performance of the phone a little too much and it holds on the mid ranged chipset market.

Gionee was started in the year 2002, this Chinese company in the matter of no time is become a good competition for all the elite smartphones. According to the users of this phone, rating and reviews are positive and many people have given this device a 4 star performance keeping in mind the price and features the company has to offer.

This was all about the features and the price the company has to offer to all the users in their new launch Gionee elife S8.

To make the long story short the company has performed really well with this new launch not only in the features which are explicit and astounding at this despicable rate.

So if you are about to buy a new smartphone and you are in a dilemma then you can bend your decision towards buying this Gionee elife S8 smartphone.

The phone has good features and amazing outer look and varied colors and even cheap and will fall in your budget, rather than buying the expensive phone which is not offering you the above mentioned features.


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