How to fix Windows 7 not genuine Error message


Hello guys! Today I am going to post a very useful post for all of you. I know, you must have faced such kind of problem once in your lifetime. Removing the curtains from this suspense, I am telling you to fix Windows 7 Not genuine error message.
So, this error is very irritating which disables the features of the control panel. So, getting to the point, there are many methods to fix the Windows 7 Not genuine error. I am sticking to one which is the easiest one and is less time consuming.

Windows 7 Non Genuine Error
Before going to fix Windows 7 not genuine error, we should have a look on the reasons of this error message:
Mostly, this message appears on the Windows 7, when it is not genuine or you are using a pirated version of Windows 7.
Or you are using the trial version of Windows 7, whose trial days have been completed.
Secondly, if you have downloaded some malicious software from the torrent or other peering network.
That is why every time, the desktop goes black and a message label (Windows 7 Not genuine) appears on the bottom-right part of the desktop.
So, now I am going to tell you the method to fix Windows 7 not genuine Error message.

How to fix Windows 7 not genuine Error message using CMD



This whole process will only take 3-4 minutes of execution and your problem will be solved. Follow the given steps carefully:
STEP 1 – Switch on your ill computer/desktop/PC/laptop.
STEP 2 – Go to Start Menu and write cmd on the Search option.
STEP 3 – Now in the search results “right click” on the cmd option and choose the Run as Administrator to run it.
NOTE: Simply opening cmd instead of running it as administrator will not be thus effective in fixing the error.
STEP 4 – Now write the command: SLMGR-REARM in the command line and then click on enter.
If on clicking on enter, the below dialog box appears, you click on OK and your Windows 7 Not genuine error is fixed.
STEP 5 – Restart your system to feel the changes.
So, now your task is over. You have successfully fixed Windows 7 Not genuine error and now your system will regain your settings. I have also arranged a video tutorial too for you to understand.
Video Link-
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