Essay on Holi


Introduction:  Holi is one of the ancient festivals of India. This festival was originally known as ‘Holika’. The original meaning of the word Holi is ‘burning’. There is very famous story behind this ancient festival which has been told us since childhood.

It is widely celebrated in India, Nepal and other places with Hindu population. It is a spring festival and one of the happiest and most colorful religious festivals of the Hindus.It is especially celebrated in the North India .

The celebration of Holi begins on the last of Phalgun.


History of Holi: In earlier times, there was demon king Hiranyakashyap who wanted everybody in his kingdom to worship only. But his own son Prahlad was one of the biggest devotees of Lord Naarayana. Hiranyakashyap commanded his sister Holika to enter the blazing fire along with Prahlad in her lap. Holika had advantage that she could enter fire without any damage to her own body. She was not aware of the fact that this advantage will only work if she enters the fire alone. As a result she paid a price by losing her life and Prahlad was saved by the grace of God for his extreme devotion. Thus the festival celebrates the victory of good over evil and also the triumph of devotion.

According to another myth,in Hindu religion of burning wastes of the whole body massage with mustard seed paste in the fire in the myth of burning all the skin problems and get good health for the whole year.




Celebrations of Holi: The celebrations of this festive day start with great excitement and happiness. People and children collect sticks at one place in street. At night, they all gather at one place and set fire to the huge bunch of sticks. They sing songs and dances while playing drums.

The celebrations follow the next day. At this special day we eat special things like gujhiya, sweets, chips, papad, halwa, pani puri, dahi bade, etc.

People sprinkle watery colors to each other, throw color filled balloons, etc. They welcome each other with lots of tasty foods and sweets. They start playing colours with their friends, neighbours and relatives with pitchakri and small balloons.  They apply abeer/KumKum  to the forehead of each other and hug each other.

Holi has some evil aspects also .People gets drunk on this occasion. They indulge in unnecessary fights and apply colors that are dangerous for health.


Conclusion: We should remember that holi is a festival of joy and happiness. Mostly people forget their quarrels and mix with all freely. We should extend hands of friendship and maintain the real spirit of this festival.

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