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Are you finding the methods to install the Windows 7 or Windows 8 on MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Here in this post, I have shared a method to install Windows 7/8 on Mac OS supporting device using a free tool- Virtual Box.1

Yes, Virtual Box is a software tool, which is readily available on the web to download and thus use for many functions. So, I am going to use Virtual Box for its functionality to install Windows 7/8 on Mac OS.

NOTE: There is another method to install Windows 7/8 on MacBook Pro- Boot Camp Loader.

Boot Camp loader is a very difficult method to install Windows 7/8 on Mac OS. Thus I am giving the easiest tutorial to you to do the specific operation.

Requirements to Install Windows 7/8 on Mac OS

Following things are necessary for this task to happen successfully:

  • A MAC based device. It can be the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.
  • Your Mac device should have at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • Windows 7/8 ISO file.
  • Virtual Box software is also needed.


Note: Windows 7/8 ISO version should match the version of Virtual Box. That means both should be either 32 Bits or 64 bits. I prefer you to download Windows 7/8 ISO and Virtual Box in 64 bits.

Download links for Windows 7/8 ISO and Virtual Box







How to use Virtual Box to Install Windows 7/8 on MAC OS?

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I have compiled this whole tutorial into step by step tute.  Just follow them carefully.
STEP 1 – Download Windows 7 or Windows 8 (ISO image) from above given links.
STEP 2 – Download Virtual Box from the above provided link.
STEP 3 – Install Virtual Box on Mac device, which will be very easy.
STEP 4 – Launch Virtual Box and create a new virtual machine by clicking on the New option on the top left corner.
STEP 5 – Name the new virtual machine and select the Windows from the option and then Windows 8 or Windows 7 (whichever you want to install) and its version.
STEP 6 – Set RAM as 2 GB and create a new Virtual hard disk having at least 20 GB space (required by Windows 7/8 to be installed in). Choose VDI as its type and set to dynamic allocation.
STEP 7 – After you have performed the above steps, click to Save the Virtual machine and click on Create.
STEP 8 – Now Select the Windows 7 VM or Windows 8 VM (whichever you want to install) from the Virtual Box screen and click on Start to boot.
STEP 9 – When Select Installation Media screen appears, you need to click on the folder icon to browse for the Windows 7 ISO or Windows 8 ISO as the media source.
STEP 10 – After you choose the Windows 7 ISO or Windows 8 ISO, you need to click Install, put the respective product key when asked.
STEP 11 – Choose Custom: Install Windows Only when prompted and select the virtual hard disk (the 20 GB which you had created in step 6). And then click on Next.

So, with this simple way, you have now installed Windows 7/8 on your Mac OS. Enjoy the interface of Microsoft Windows on it.


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