Download WhatsApp on iPhone or iPad


Download WhatsApp on iPhone or iPad

Are you searching for the easy link to download WhatsaApp on iPhone or iPad or any other iOS based device? You have landed on right webpage as I am going to tell you abouuut how to download whatsapp on these devices.WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp?

This part is only for the newbies, others may skip. WhatsApp is an amazing communication application, which is the best around the world. So, it is a messaging app, with which one can send messages, pictures, videos and recordings to any person present in any part of the world.
It was the first in its own kind and on seeing it many new messaging apps were developed, but the essence of this application can be felt everywhere.
Due to its unique graphics and amazing text features, it has been awarded as best application many times. WhatsApp is a kind of a true companion of one’s smartphones.

Features of Whatsapp

So, before I tell you how to download Whatsapp on iPhone and iPad, first have a look on the features of WhatsApp and why I am compelling the iOS based devices (the most premium devices in the world) to have this application specifically installed.
This application is a cross platform messaging application. With the use of it, a user can send unlimited messaged to other WhatsApp user. No tariff is charged while sending the messages rather your data pack is consumed a little bit.
Download Whatsapp on iPhone or iPad so as to stay connected with your friends in groups. Send them group picture, group text and other group things.
The UI of WhatsApp is very impressive, simple and user friendly. You can use the emoticons and the smileys to make your message more conveying.
The messages popups in the notification area. The messages can be read in offline mode too.
So, this wonderful application is available on all the OS platforms. So, I would recommend the Apple device lovers to try this application.


Download WhatsApp on iPhone or iPad

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To download WhatsApp on iPhone or iPad, you should have a data pack or Wi-Fi connection. The application is now paid and will cost you $1 for iPhone or iPad.
Download WhatsApp on iPhone/ iPad.

How to Install WhatsApp on I Phone and iPad?

It is very easy to install. Follow the given steps:
STEP 1 – Firstly download whatsapp from the above given link.
STEP 2 – After the download is complete, open the downloaded file and it will automatically installed.
STEP 3 – Fill your country details and your mobile number and click OK. A verification code will be sent to the entered mobile number.
STEP 4 – Fill the verification code in the required space in order to activate your WhatsApp account. After the activation is done, the friends which are on WhatsApp will be shown in the contacts list of WhatsApp automatically.
So, that was an easy way to perform the task. If you have any kind of problems, let us know through comments.


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