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Hello guys, this time I have come up with a unique post to tell you about the free download Viber for Windows 7 PC and MAC desktops. If you are wondering that how this mobile application can be downloaded for PC and MAC desktop then do not worry I am here to give you the full download viver and installation of Viber on PC.logo-viber

Since, Viber had wooed many customers and had become viral in the mobiles when it was launched, it made very good records. And why not! a software is offering you the free calling, free messaging to the others (friends and family) and free HD video calling features, then why not it will be spread like forest’s fire.

So, let me tell you the ways which will help you to download Viber for Windows 7 PC first. Afterwards you can install it very easily. Sorry guys I could not bring you the Viber offline installer for PC as it is not available right now, but I promise you all that as soon a it will be made available, I will provide you for easy download of Viber on MAC desktop and Windows 7 PC too.

Free Download Viber for Windows 7 PC

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So, learn with me how to download Viber for PC. Just take a look:
STEP 1 – You need to visit this link to download Viber for Windows 7 PC. And you will notice a webpage like below picture.
STEP 2 – Click on Get Viber in green colored box or you can also choose the Desktop from the icons shown in the above picture. The below will be new page.
STEP 3 – So, again click on the Get Viber link in the green box (in the above picture) to start the download as shown in below dialog box.
And soon your free download of Viber PC setup will take place.


How to Install Viber on Windows 7 PC?

STEP 1 – After you have downloaded Viber for PC, you need to double click on the downloaded setup or run it. Below window will appear in the front of you.
STEP 2 – Just click on the Accept and Install Button in the above picture to initiate the installation procedure.
NOTE – The installation will take some time as the setup was not the Viber Offline installer one for PC. So, you need to be connected through internet during the whole installation procedure.
STEP 3 – After Viber PC setup will download all the files (after at least 10 minutes for moderate speed connectivity) and then it will ask you the below question in the window:
STEP 4 – So, if you click on Yes, which means you have already installed this software on you mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Bada or Windows 8), the bellow window will appear asking you for the mobile number. Put it your number (already registered with viber) and then enjoy calling as all your phone’s Viber contacts will be automatically synchronized  to the PC.
Note: The users who do not have an account with Viber, will be prompted first to download Viber on their mobile, register a working mobile number on the application and then confirm the same number.
After that they will be allowed to use Viber on Windows 7 PC.
So, is it now easy for you to download Viber on Windows 7?
Free Download Viber for MAC Desktop
It is very easy to download and then install Viber on MAC desktop. So you will have to visit this link,   to download Viber for MAC desktop.
Click on the Get Viber button in the green box with Apple logo, and thus simply follow the instructions of the software to install Viber on MAC Desktop.
It is that easy. So, if you still are not contented with this tutorial, you can ask any query regarding the download of Viber on PC (Windows 7) or on MAC desktop using the comment section below.


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