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Hello guys, today I am going to teach you simple methods to Download torrent file on iPhone and Android smartphones. You must definitely know about the methods to download torrent file on PC. Many of you will surprise to hear that you can actually download torrent file on your iPhone.
Even the Android smartphone users can also put torrent file to download on their smartphone. But before going to the methods, let me first tell you a brief note about torrent. Torrent is a peer-to-peer network, with which you can share larger sized files
Actually many of the movies, softwares and games have been shared on this network, for free download. You can have cracks of the softwares and games present on torrent websites.
So, now you can download torrent file on Android smartphone and Apple iPhone too. So have a look for the method of downloading it:

Download Torrent File on Android Smartphone.

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If you own a very good smartphone based upon Google’s Android operating system, then you can download torrent file on your Android phone.
The Android smartphone can be of any brand – Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Micromaxx, Karbonn. The only requirement is that your phone should have at least 512 MB RAM and a dual core processor. The others can also try as this method can work on their phone too.
STEP 1 – Open the Google Play Store from your phone and search for Bit Torrent software.
NOTE: There are many torrent downloading softwares in Play Store (uTorrent, aTorrent, tTorrent, aDownloader), but I recommend you to go for BitTorrent as it provides a feature of pausing the download when you have your data pack on and as soon as Wi-Fi is connected it resumes the download.
STEP 2 – Open the website – from the browser of the phone. Search for the torrent file (to be downloaded) and then download the torrent.
STEP 3 – As soon as you click on download torrent link, your BitTorrent will itself start downloading the torrent file on your Android phone.
So, isn’t easy to download torrent file on Android phone? Let us know through comments.


Download Torrent File on Apple iPhoneColour_Apple_Newton_Logo

You can even download torrent file on iPhone too. I have compiled in two different methods to make a torrent file download on Apple iPhone. Let us see.

Method 1 – Zbigz method

Zbigz is a very easy method and does not require jailbreak of your iPhone. Zbigz converts the torrent file (to be downloaded on iPhone) into simple zip file, which can be directly downloaded into your iPhone (same as other files which can be downloaded on iPhone).
PART 1 – Open the Safari browser of iPhone and then go to website –
PART 2 – open new tab in the browser and open website to download the torrent file (which is to be downloaded).
PART 3 – After you have downloaded the torrent file, just upload the file into the zbigz toolbar and then click on Go.
PART 4 – Wait for the zbigz to convert the torrent into a downloadable file. After that, download that zipped file, which could be thus downloaded on iPhone using simple browser.
So, this is a very easy method. Yet another method has been also shared below. Have a look.

METHOD 2 – iTransmission method

You have an application named iTransmission 2.0 which can help you to download torrent file on iPhone but to use it for free, you will have to jailbreaking your iPhone.
NOTE: Jailbreaking has said to be illegal as per the rules and regulations of Apple.
STEP 1 – Make your iPhone jail break.
STEP 2 – Now download and install iTransmission 2.0 application.
STEP 3 – After that only visit the torrent website – and choose the torrent file download link. The torrent will be automatically started downloading on iTransmission app.
So, do you find the above methods easy to download torrent file on Android phone or Apple iPhone? Stay tuned with us for more such amazing tutorials.


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