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Skype is the best tool in the world which is used for the video chatting purpose. We can connect with our friends and family using it. It is now acquired by

MicroSoft and comes free for download.

Earlier, I had posted an article telling you the download link of Skype offline installer for Windows, but my today’s post is concerned for the users who want to download skype on Android mobile, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.donwload skype for ipad
So, being the best and the oldest online software tool available for video chatting, Skype is already famous. So, it has also been developed for different platforms by its developers for the user’s convenience.
Skype can be downloaded on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and MAC), on Android devices (Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and other Android brands) and on Windows (Windows 7,, Window 8 or Windows XP) and on the Windows 8 based smartphones too (Nokia, HTC and others).
So, whatever operating system you use, you can download Skype on it for free. This post is concerned to the download links of Skype for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Android mobiles only. donwload skype on iphone
Now since you are going to download it on your respective device, you should know about Skype features and specs. So, have a quick look on the features of Skype below before going to Donwload Skype for mobile free.


Features of Skype

It is available for all the operating systems on desktops/PC/laptops and smartphones as well. So it is portable, can be used from anywhere.
Skype has multi-language support. So, you can choose your language before downloading it on mobile.
Skype has very nice UI with good graphics which attracts the users most.
You have unlimited messaging support.
You have HD video chatting feature too. So, the distant people seem like as if they are sitting in front of you.
For calling through skype, you have to buy credits from them and they will issue a Skype number to you with which you can call your relatives residing in some other country. Skype credits are cheaper than the local networks charges.
To make your chat more impressive and expressive, emoticons, smileys and other such features have been provided.
So, isn’t it a very useful tool? So, I know now you want to download Skype for your mobile or tablet or iPad as soon as possible. So here I head towards the main point of this post.

Download Skype for Android mobile, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad free


Download Skype on PC

So, you have to choose the appropriate link from the below given links, in which your device falls.

Download Skype for Android mobile–

Download Skype for iPhone–

Download Skype for iPod touch

Download Skype for iPad–

Have you now got the links to download skype for mobile successfully? Download it and then install it to enjoy the various lovable communication experiences with your friends, relatives and family.
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