Download Skype for Windows 7


We can download Skype for Windows 7 desktop, PC and laptops very easily and too for free. I have placed in the information regarding the Skype, the video chat software.skype_wallpaper_by_msttmz

Download Skype for Window 7

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Skype is available on web very easily, but most of the links require you to download a file in simply KBs or ranging between 1 MB to 2 MB only. And you are asked to stay connected through internet during its installation procedure.

It has two disadvantages. First is that sometimes your internet connection becomes weak, due to which all the installation procedure is halted at once. Another disadvantage is that you need to follow the same process if you have requirement of uninstalling skype.

I have simply posted in the link to download Skype for Windows 7 desktop PC and laptops with the full setup which can thus be installed manually without any requirement of internet connection. Before going, let know that Skype has been acquired by Microsoft company.

What Skype Offers?

Skype offers many features which lets you to connect with your friends and family with the both audio and video features. It is the most widely used internet video chatting tool.


  1. Skype offers free calls from Skype to Skype.
  2. It offers the features with low cost calls to mobiles and landline numbers as well.
  3. Skype is also available on Facebook, which can be downloaded from FB apps and thus the facebook friends can video chat with each other without any charges.
  4. Free voice mail is also another good feature.
  5. One can make calls anywhere in the world at low cost. This is main reason that skype is being used for the people who have relatives in some other country.
  6. Group video calling can also be done.

Downloading Requirements of Skype on Windows 7

You shall confirm that your system is eligible to the below conditions, before going for a download of this 30 MB software.

  1. You require a system having either of these softwares- Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit).
  2. There should be speakers or microphones (in-built in laptops or externally in desktops).
  3. A broadband connection with 100 kbps down and up speed is necessary to make voice calls.

Download Skype for windows 7 desktop PC

So, after you have satisfied all these necessary requirements, now you proceed further to download Skype for windows 7 desktop and PCs. The link is give below.

Download Skype for Windows 7 PC and laptops

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