Download Nokia PC Suite in Windows 7/8


Download Nokia PC Suite Free in Windows 7/8

Do you own a Nokia featured phone? And are you looking to download Nokia PC suite for free on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system PC? So, you have come across right place as we are going to tell you how to download Nokia PC Suite free in Windows 7/8 and how to use it afterwards. So, kindly glue your eyes to your desktop or PC’s display.Nokia PC Suite LOGO
Nokia, the Finland brand was the first brand who came with its handset in India with the very basic 3315 and 3310 phones. And since then Nokia had made many featured phones debut and had achieved great success in India market. However, in recent times, the Nokia lagged due to its loose hold in the smartphone segment, but people still prefer to get a Nokia featured phone over the other brands’.

What is the need of Nokia PC Suite?

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This is the common query asked on Nokia forums. So I am going to tell you about the benefits of nokia PC Suite today. Have al look on the number of points shared below:
For Connectivity – Nokia PC Suite enables the users to connect their Nokia phones with the computer or PC. So, basically it is software which acts as a connectivity protocol to your PC.
For Internet browsing on PC – Nokia has manufactured many devices having the internet facility. So, those devices can be used as a modem to your computer to browse on the web using the data pack of your connectivity network (the SIM module).
SMS and Contacts Backup – So, with the Nokia PC Suite, you can send messages too. You can backup your messages into PC and then delete and read SMS too. One main thing, Nokia PC Suite delivers is the contacts backup facility, which thus helps the users to retrieve their valuable contacts at some ill conditions (when phone gets lost or gets stolen).
Files and Folders – Since, you have memory card and little memory (internal) with the phone, you can access the memory directly on bigger screen of PC. Drag and drop the files and folder from computer to phone or vice versa.
So, now you should be keener to download Nokia PC Suite in Windows 7 or Windows 8. So, we are not creating more delay.

Download Nokia PC Suite in Windows 7/8 :

So, we have shared the above link to download Nokia pc suite easily which is offline installer file. You just download the file and then install the PC Suite and enjoy connecting your phone as modem or transfer files.
Hope this article was really helpful for the Nokia users, who earlier wanted to download Nokia PC Suite free. Like us on facebook for more such updates. You can also ask your query below.


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