Download Micromax PC Suite on Windows 7/8


Micromax being one of the fastest growing mobile brands in India is also searched much on the web. Most of the Micromax phone users search on web for the free download of Micromax PC Suite and drivers on Windows 7/8. Download Micromax PC Suite
So, do you own a Micromax device (featured phone or smartphone)? If you do, then this post will be very helpful to you. I have shared the information relating to free download of Micromax PC suite and drivers on any of the Microsoft’s Windows (Windows 7 or Windows 8). Even the Windows XP users can read this post.

What is need of Micromax PC Suite and drivers?

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Micromax PC Suite is very necessary for your computer to know that your Micromax device wants to connect with it. So, Micromax PC Suite serves to be an interface between the two. And drivers are very necessary for connection. Some other benefits of connectivity of the computer and mobile are:
Your device can be used as a modem for the computer. In short you can browse on your computer’s browser with the phone serving as modem and your data pack of service provider serving as internet connectivity network.
Phonebook is the first option in Micromax PC Suite. So, this means you can synchronize and backup your phone’s contacts within your PC for future backup.
Similarly, messages can also be backed up. You can send, delete and save messages accordingly.
Image and videos can be transferred from PC to phone or from phone to PC, using this PC Suite.
File Manager can help the users to customize the files and folders of your Micromax phone. You can rename a file, folder and delete it.
So, this way, downloading Micromax PC Suite can be very useful to us. So, now our concern is that how to download Micromax PC Suite and drivers in Windows 7/8 PC. Don’t worry, I have a solution to your problem.


Download Micromax PC Suite and Drivers on Windows 7/8

STEP 1 – You will have to visit the official Micromax link –
STEP 2 – Now choose your device from the drop-menu: Select Model Number. I chose A110, which I own.
STEP 3 – Now download options for your device will come across. You have to click on the Drivers so as to download Micromax PC Suite on your Windows 7/8 PC. You can also download the manual for the guideline of driver’s installation.
In this way, you can download Micromax PC Suite on Windows 7/8. If you are still having problems, please drop your comments below.

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