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Today I have come with a post of my readers’ demand. Some of my website’s sbscribers had asked me to provide them the download link for JAVA JDK 7 for Windows XP/ 7/ 8 and for Mac OS. So, here I am with the post telling you everything about Java JDK. java
Java JDK is also called as Java Development Kit which is necessary for the programmers who love to develop the applications based on this Java language. Java is a programming language which has been developed by the Oracle organization.
This kit is necessary for downloading in order to run the Java applications, games or any other Java based product on your device (smartphone or computer). So, we have provided you the easy link to download Java JDK 7 for Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8 and for MAC OS too.
The link provided by me in this post to download Java JDK 7 will work for every MicroSoft Windows – (Windows XP/7/8). However, for MAC OS, there is different link and for Linus OS, there is yet another link. So, if have any of the operating systems from the above Oss, you can download Java JDK 7 on it using this post’s links.
But I think you shall review some of the important features of Java JDK 7 update, which are necessary before going for the download link.
NOTE: The below features are for the sake of Java Developers/ programmers only. Rest may skip the features portion.

Features of Java JDK 7 Update

This is not the latest update of Java JDK 7. Right now, Oracle has developed the latest update named as Java JDK 7 Update 40, but the link provided by me will give you the Java JDK 7 Update 25. So, not a big difference and it too has enough features.
IO and new IO
Rich Internet Applications (RIA Developement)
Java 2D
Java XML
Multithread Custom Class Loaders
Java Virtual Machine
So, these are the features of Java which are new in this update.


Download JAVA JDK 7 for Various OS

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So, finally I have taken you to the area where you have the download link to the offline installers of Java JDK for various operating systems. All you need is to download thefile and then run it on your PC. I have a demo of installation of JDK 7 on Windows 7.

Download Java JDK 7 for Windows 7/ 8/Xp – —-—-

Download Java JDK 7 for MAC OS

Download Java JDK 7 for Linux OS – —-—— –

So after you have downloaded the file from the above links, you can install it very easily.
STEP 1 – Open the downloaded file to install it. Click on the Install button.
STEP 2 – It will start installing as below:
STEP 3 – Finish the setup by clicking on Close button.
So, now you have installed Java JDK 7. Did you find any kind of problem during this process? Let us know through comments if you have queries. Also share and like us on Facebook and Twitter.


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