How to Download and Install Rainmeter on Windows 7


Today I am going to teach you how to download and install Rainmeter on Windows 7 PC (32 bits and 64 bits). Downloading Rainmeter on Windows 7 PC is very lovable tool and my favorite one.

For the newbies, who do not know about Rainmeter, let me tell you that do not misunderstand its name from some weather telling application which would tell you about the last night’s rainfall level or something like that.

Rainmeter is actually a powerful tool, which lets you to change and customize your Windows 7 skins and looks. So, this is basically a customizing tool, which makes your Windows 7 desktop look more appealing and attractive.

So, now will you like to have a try with this tool kit after downloading Rainmeter on Windows 7 PC. I have shared in the Rainmeter download links for both 32 bits Windows 7 and 64 bits Windows 7 OS.

Rainmeter is helpful in modifying your Windows 7 accordingly. You can download and get many skins after that you install the Rainmeter.
Rainmeter is having the latest verions of 3.0 right now, which I have shared in this post for an easy download.

Download Rainmeter on Windows 7 PC

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STEP 1 – Firstly download Rainmeter on your Windows 7 PC. The below are the Rainmeter Windows 7 download links:
Download Rainmeter on Windows 7 PC (32 bits & 64 bits)
STEP 2 – Now open the setup folder and run the Rainmeter setup to uinstall it. Click on next button in the image below:
STEP 3 – Choose the version: 32 or 64 bit and then click on Next button.
STEP 4 – Click on the Install button.
You will see that the download progress will be shown till the file is downloaded completely (100%).
After it is downloaded completely, it will automatically install all the files to your system.
STEP 5 – Finally you will be asked to run the rainmeter. Hit the Finish button to do so.
So, your Rainmeter will be installed on your Windows 7 PC. Look at my customized Windows 7 desktop. I tried with the Google search by typing in some text and pressing enter.
Mozilla Firefox popped up with the results of my search query on Google. I found it very compact to use on my desktop and have stuck to it from many months.
Hope, you will also like it. So, do you face any problem while download of Rainmeter on your Windows PC? Share your views in the comments section below.


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