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Since, the Google has made the official announcement of the launch of its latest Android version, many high end devices have been planned to receive this update soon. But the tech geeks never wait for the time to arrive the update automatically (by the manufacturer). If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, you can try the Android Kitkat v4.3 on it which is available.galaxy S4RELATED POST: How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 | Smart Scroll on Samsung Galaxy S4
How? Let us see in this post. Kitkat, the Android v4.3 was launched by Google in its new Nexus 7 tablet. So, Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the first devices to get this update officially. The official update is available for a try in the Google Play store, which will work on the Galaxy S4 having the code GT- I9505. And the rest of its model can cause errors.
So, now let us begin with the easy tutorial of installing Android 4.3 on Samsung galaxy S4.
Few checks before going for the process
Make the backup of all your useful content of your Samsung Galaxy S4. Many backup and restore applications are available in Play store for free.
Put your phone on charge. Charge the battery 100%. As lesser battery could result in the damage of the phone’s system.
Enable the USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy S4. We have also posted an article on this concern.


Download and install the drivers of Samsung Galaxy S4.

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NOTE: This method is unofficial as it is opposite to every manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

How to Install Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy S4?

STEP 1 – Go to the Google Play Store and buy the Android 4.3 stock update for Samsung Galaxy S4.
STEP2 – Enable the USB debugging mode and then connect your phone to the PC. Copy the downloaded file into the phone’s memory card.
STEP 3 – Switch off your device. And remove the USB cable.
STEP 4 – Start the Galaxy S4 in the Recovery mode by clicking the three keys together- Volume Up, Home and Power. It will start in the recovery mode.
STEP 5 – Click on the Wipe/factory reset to clear the internal storage of the device.
STEP 6 – The next step is to flash the downloaded ROM package on your phone. It will take many minutes to flash this package.
STEP 7 – After the ROM is flashed, you restart your phone. The phone will take much time to restart once. So do not panic or start clicking Power button. Just relax and wait for it to restart.
That’s it, when the phone restarts, you will experience the new Android 4.3 update on your Samsung Galaxy S4. So, liked this post?


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