Download Dell Drivers for Windows 7/8/XP for free


So, today here is a very useful post for the people searching for the easy download Dell Drivers for Windows 7/8/XP for free. Well I am helping you out in this post which will definitely get you all the drivers for your Dell desktop/PC or laptop.
Have you bought Dell laptop or PC or notebook. Since, Dell is penetrating in the lives of people very fast. This brand has developed its brand’s name due to its very good service and support. Moreover, it has quite good range of laptops and models for the people to choose from.
Dell has Inspiron, Vostro and Alienware kind of laptops series which have different models with different configuration and price. I own a Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop (best configuration for my use).
When I bought this laptop, I had found really difficulty to find the webpage to download Dell drivers for free. So, I have just shared the link and the whole method to download the dell drivers for Windows PC. It can be any Windows OS (Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows XP), Dell has developed drivers for all of them.
Even you have got free Dell drivers for Linux OS too.

What are requirements of Dell Drivers?

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Since every machine requires a driver (to start it) whether it is automatic through software or manually through power and efforts, it is very necessary. Laptop is also a machine which require some drivers to run the various peripherals attached to it.
Those peripherals include the monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, printer, scanner and more. In case of laptop, these peripherals can be LCD, webcam, speakers, optical trackpad, integrated keypad, printer and scanner.
So, a machine has no brain, it is always a programmer behind the machine which develops software to run the machine which serves to be the brain of the machine. So, laptop/desktop or PC needs to know that what they should do in this condition.
So, Dell programmers have successfully developed all the Dell device drivers which are required for the users, and all those drivers have been placed on a single lace on Dell’s support page.
So, let us now move to our major requirement to download Dell drivers for Windows 7/8/XP for free. So, just look below where I have told and elaborated the method to download dell drivers easily.


Steps to Download Dell Drivers for Windows PC

Follow the below steps carefully.
STEP 1 – Every dell product is sold with a service tag which is required to download drivers from Dell support page. So, if you have service page, visit this link– “”
For the users who do not remember or have the service tag can go for the alternative options- Automatic detect service tag and the other two.
Or to choose your product, visit this link
and choose your product.
STEP 2 – Now when your device will be detected, you will have to choose the various options from refine your results commands as shown in the below image.
You need to choose the operating system (which you are using currently). I use the Windows 7 32 bits, so I have chosen that. NOTE: Dell N5050 does not come with Windows 8 and that is why there is no option of Windows 8 in this list, but you don’t worry, with your service tag, Windows 8 will be an option in the drop sown list.
STEP 3 – So, when you choose the operating system, a list of results will appear which the Dell drivers of this device are. So, whichever driver you require, should be downloaded by clicking on the Download File option on the right side.
And that’s it, you have successfully downloaded Dell drivers for Windows 7/8/XP. If you are facing any kind of problem, then ask us through comments. Also like and share us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


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