Download Counter Strike 1.6 Full Version for Pc


Download counter strike 1.6 free full version for pc

Today I am going to tell you about an amazing game – Counter Strike. I have also shared in the link with which you can easily download Counter Strike 1.6 free on your PC. 1
Whenever, I talk about this game, I just remember my college days when I used to play this game with my friends. Moreover, in our college, when the annual tech fest was conducted, the most expensive stall at the auction, used to be the stall of Counter Strike.

What Counter Strike game has? (Features)

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The very unique feature of this game is that one can play this game with the friends even if they are not present at the spot. That means, this game can be played online, with which your friends can join you. 3
Couter Strike 1.6 game is the arcade game in which the shooting, plotting, bombing and many tasks are done. There are two sides- militants and terrorists and the war games are plated between two sides.
One can be the part of militants or terrorists. All you have to do is to kill the opposite side. If you choose to be a terrorist, then you should plot the bomb and safeguard it till it blasts. You will have to protect it from being diffused by any militant.
If you are a militant, then you have to kill all the terrorists and diffuse the bombs plotted by the bad men.
There are armors, shields, ammo, weapons and many other required things, which could be bought from either side.
The game has wonderful graphics and that is why it is so lovable by the youngsters. You shall play n number of matches and the side which wins more matches will be declared as the final winner.
Now I know you will be desperate to download counter strike 1.6 full version on your pc for free. So, without taking any more of your valuable time, I may tell you to look below on the page.

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Free Full Version.

The page will be the official Softpedia page. So you can download the game from the link. It will be a compressed file, which should be extracted first and then installed.
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