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So, today we have come back with a new post to download a very common and lovable game – Contra. I am timely updating this website with such games download links for the convenience of my readers.
So, you can download contra for windows PC whether it is Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP. So, guys are you ready to download Contra on PC?

A Brief note on Contra Game

So, Contra is a very old game which I used to play in my school times, about 10 years ago and that was the time when I used to spend most of the time on the video games (played on televisions using the game cassettes).
So, if you were also a fan of this game, you may be knowing that this game comes in two modes- Single Player and Two Players mode. In single mode, there will be only one player moving ahead in the mission firing on his enemies.
In the two players mode, two persons can play in a team, killing the enemies. So, such a game was a fun and a proper time pass in my summer holidays.
This game has not been developed in very good graphics for PC. So, you can download and install it for fun and not for the cool graphics.

How to Download Contra for Windows PC [Windows 7/8/XP]

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So, that if you have now made your mind completely to download contra for Windows PC. So, I am going to tell you the download and installation procedure of this game.


Download Contra For Windows PC

The contra file in few MBs will start automatically to download. Open the containing folder of the download. Double click on the file and install it.

Help to download Contra for Windows PC

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So, now that you have downloaded and installed Contra for Windows PC, you can enjoy playing the game by clicking on the shortcut placed on your desktop.


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