Download Android on Window,MacBook or Linux PCs


Install Android on PC Windows 7/8 PC, mac desktop, Linux pc

I mean this by saying that anyone can install Android OS on PC whether it is a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, or it can be a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or any other desktop having Linux OS. Whichever operating system your PC/computer operates on, you can install Android OS on your PC.
Isn’t it great? Well that can happen. At first you shall read this carefully, after you have got installed Android OS on PC (Windows, Mac or Linux), it can happen that your system shows significant lag. Well there is little worry to care for this lag as this is because the developers are still developing Android Install Android on PC (Windows 7 or 8 PC, mac desktop, Linux pc)OS for PC.

 Install Android OS on PC

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We have number of ways to install Android OS on PC, yet there is requirement of a perfect one as Android OS has been developed by Google just for smartphones and tablets. So, we have to wait for official announcement of Google- Android OS for PC.
Till then you follow the below method to install android OS on PC. We require the Virtual Box tool in order to do so.

Download Virtual Box links

If you want to install android OS on Windows 7 or Windows 8, the download VirtualBox for Windows hosts.
If you want to install android OS on Mac OS, then you may download Virtual Box for Mac.
If you want to install android OS on Linux OS, then you may download Virtual Box for Linux.

How to Install Android OS on PC

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Since, I have a laptop having Windows 7 as the operating system, I can only give you the demo of Android OS installation on Windows 7 PC only.
Rest of the OS’s have the same steps, you need an idea to use Virtual Box to install Android OS on your respective operating system. So installing android OS on MacBook Pro, Air or Linux PCs will not be difficult for you.
STEP 1 – Download the respective Virtual Box tool from the links given above.
STEP 2 – You have to download Android 4.0.4 OS source code by VMLite, to perform the operation. Download Now
STEP 3 – Since, both the files (to be downloaded in step 1 and 2) are bulky in size, they will much time for downloads. Till their download, you can bookmark this page on your browser or can like us on Facebook.
STEP 4 – Now I assume that you have downloaded both files and installed the Virtual Box with the Android file untouched. Open the folder containing the Android file and extract its file using WinRar.

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STEP 5 – If you have extracted the files, search for the Android-v4.vbox file in the folder. Open this file in the Virtual Box.

STEP 6 – Click on Start button in the Virtual Box opened window. It will begin the installation procedure. And after the whole installation procedure ends, you have successfully installed android OS on your pc.

If any kind of error, occurs then go to VM settings and disable the USb 2.0. As shown in below image.

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