Diet Plan for Weight Loss


“A Sound mind lives in a Sound body only” which means your mind will be active only if your body is fit. But nowadays, it is totally opposite of what is above said.Here we provide diet plan for weight loss.

Work Loads are increasing, Health is getting neglected. A 9 to 5 job is taking away one’s health. Mornings spent is getting ready for office, noon in work and nights in sleep. In whole routine, there is no time for our health. It is important to give at least 30 minutes to your body from whom you take work every day.

With such a tedious routine, People usually suffer from weight gain. They are gaining weights but not doing any effort for losing weights.

Increasing weight is a very big problem in itself. It leads to high blood pressures, high cholesterol levels, increase in heart risks rate.Women are more prone to heart diseases than men. Their Calcium level starts decreasing after age of 30.

It is very important for women to pay attention to their diets and health.Besides women, girls are also not far away. Zero size figure is a craze among girls. Girls start dieting which adversely affects the health as it causes deficiency in the body. They must follow a proper diet plan.

Affects of dieting are not long term, but if you lose weight following a proper diet plan causes a long term effect.

If you want to loose weight, The first step is to maintain your diet.

30% of exercise and 70% of diet affects your health. So lay emphasis on your diet as well.

Here are some diet plan tips for weight loss:



Drink as much water as you can. Drinking more water actually balances your body temperature, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels. It also helps in fast digestion of your food. Try to chew water, rather than just gulping it all.

Besides, drinking water removes all impurities from body and keep our skin glowing and fresh always.

It is the best medicine to lose weight as well. So drink water as much as you can.Avoid drinking cold water.


World is becoming fast, people don’t have time even to cook fresh food for themselves. That is why all prefer to have ready to eat foods, being aware of their hazardous effects. Fast  food are spicy, fried, cream filled and their effects are very chancy. These foods create a layer of fat in our stomach and cause blood pressure as well with contracting  of artries and veins.

These fast and fried food get stick to our stomach and turn in to fat which increases the cholesterol level in our body, that leads to weight gains. So avoid such food.

Consume green foods and stay fit always. Eat red for healthy heart, purple for long life and yellow for joints.Eat green to purify and detox.




Drinking alcohol has become a status symbol, some drink because of their status, some because of peer pressure. These are very intoxicating, so must be avoided. Not only men drink, women are also with them who drink. Smoking is increasing rapidly among youngsters. It damages our lungs .Both Alcohol and smoking are slow poisons, which slowly hollows your body and finally give fatal results.

Such stuff hinders the process of weight loss as well. The very first step is to leave all such hard stuff, which really are a big cause of increasing weights and other heart related problems.

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Usually we people in hurry to our workplaces, skip our breakfast because we don’t have time sit back relax and take a breakfast. We must include a healthy breakfast in our diet, a proper breakfast with some dry fruits, fruits,  fresh fruit juices but keep in mind that you should avoid eating oily in the morning.

Take a proper breakfast, If you want to skip a meal then you can skip your dinner or lunch but never skip your breakfast.  Breakfast gives you energy to work through day.


Always start your mornings with two glasses of hot water. Hot water speeds up the metabolism of our body. Besides this, hot water also refreshes our. Whatever workout you prefer for your weight loss, do that after drinking some water. Empty stomach  workouts brings weakness in our body. So give a watery start up to your mornings and start your routine. You can make green tea a part of your morning start up as it is an anti oxidant for the body.


Carbohydrates consumption must be avoided Carbohydrates leads to increase in blood sugar levels of body. Carbohydrates  like consumption of Carbonized drinks, potato, rice. All such stuff must be removed from your diet.



First of all, follow a proper diet plan for weight loss. Consume 5 to 6 small meals everyday. Rather than having 2 big meals. Eat little after some break.

9 AM : Prefer some fruits with fruit juices, you can also have one bowl of oats.

11 AM:  Eat some sprouts, which are purely a rich source of fiber that helps in digestion of food.

1 PM: Avoid eating rice, have some green boiled vegetables, a salad is a must in your lunch.

4 PM take fat free butter milk. Avoid eating tea at this time because tea hinders the digestion process in our body.

7 PM : Try to take dinner as soon as possible. Have your dinner 2 hours before you go to bed. Have your dinner like a beggar, not like a king style dinner. Eat very small in night and wake up light in the morning.

Planning a diet is not everything, a proper follow up is also mandatory to get visible results.

These points will surely help you in losing your weight and give you a perfect lifestyle without any tensions regarding your health. Hope this article will help you in your process to lose weight.  Stay tuned with our website to get some other tips.

Good Luck!


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