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Hello guys! Today I am going to tell you about a very useful fact, which you must have searched on the web for a solution but would be messed up in the advertisements and the paid software.
I am talking about the ways to convert PDF to Word/Text file. Since nowconvert-pdf-to-word-a-days, PDF format is very popular and the people use it for the portability as well as the file which is stored in PDF is safe and sacred than the other formats file.
PDF expanded as Portable Document Format, is thus used worldwide in the offices and many organizations. With its popularity, you will also be familiar of its disadvantage.
Yes! PDF format has a major disadvantage of not allowing the users to edit on it. Sometimes, one need to copy some text from a PDF, that task cannot be performed as you cannot use the copy or cut or paste editing functions with this method.
So, how to convert PDF to Word or Text file? Well I have found some methods for you. A method is to convert PDF to Word download softwares and the other is to convert PDF to Text online. So, I am going to discuss both of the methods and you are then deciding yourself that which one will suit you better.
Methods to Convert PDF to Word/Text

Convert PDF to Word Online

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Since, there are many online tools available on the web; there major advantage is that you can instantly get your PDF converted into word file. So, do you want to get online PDF to Word or PDF to Text convertor, stick to us in this post?
We have found two website links which have been designated for the PDF to word & PDF to Text operations.
Before going for that let me tell you about the difference between word and the text document. Word is the MS Office part, which thus allows the user to format the document, add pictures, put borders and much more ways to make your document very eye catchy. On the other hand, the text document can be read on notepad only, which has no formatting.
So, now move further to convert PDF to Word. Look at the below links:


Convert PDF to Word online

Convert PDF to Text online

The above tools are very easy to use with the help of the instructions given on screen (after you visit these links) and are free of cost.
Another online method includes that you can mail your PDF document to adobe’s official email ID and they will mail you back with a Text document. This method is effective only if you want to convert PDF to Text online.
Mail your PDF document on this email ID –

Convert PDF to Word Software download

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Sometimes you do not have an access to the internet, and you need to convert the PDF to Word file immediately. So, you can download software to convert PDF to Word. These software are however paid but come with 30-days trial version.

Download Solid PDF software to convert PDF to Word

Download Abby PDF Transformer software to convert PDF to Word

The second software is more effective as it converts the password protected PDFs to Word document easily.
So, I think now, your online search for how to convert PDF to Word must have ended this post. Let us know, if you are facing any problems. Also like and share us on Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook and other social media.


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