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Samsung Galaxy S4 is the one smartphone in the market, having myriads of features to use. So, relying on your Samsung Galaxy S4 is also natural. Well with this plenty of features, galaxy S4 has lot many problems with pc
It is well said that there is always a boon for bane. So, with so many features, we should also be aware to as How to use these features. This post is written in concern to the connectivity problems of Samsung galaxy S4 with PC/ computer.
So, if you are also searching for the ways to connect Samsung galaxy s4 with PC/ computer, then do not worry as I have the ways to tackle these hurdles.
Samsung Galaxy S4 can be connected with PC or desktop or even laptop in a number of ways. How to do so? Look at the lower portion of this post.
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How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 with PC/ laptop/ desktop

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Method 1 – Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 with PC using USB cable

This method is very easy method. So, we can connect Samsung Galaxy S4 using this method to PC.
STEP 1 – Take the data cable which was included in the box during the smartphone’s deal. Put one end (shorter end) of the cable and insert it in the microUSB port of Galaxy S4.
STEP 2 – The second end should be inserted in the USB port (any port 2.0 or 3.0) of the laptop. You will notice that some drivers will start being installed automatically.


NOTE: if no drivers are being installed then you have to google for the keyword- “download Samsung galaxy s4 drivers” and then download then from official Samsung link in the search result.
So, after the USB drivers get installed completely, a message will be displayed on the bottom right side of display – Your device is ready to be used.
Samsung Galaxy S4 files and folders can now be accessed for various operations. Your phone is thus connected to your PC now.

Method 2 – Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 with PC using Samsung PC Studio

STEP 1 – You have to download the Samsung PC suit on your Windows 7/8/XP operating system.
STEP 2 – Install the Samsung PC Studio and then launch it.
STEP 3 – Now connect the two (computer/laptop/PC and Galaxy S4) through USB cable. As soon as device is detected, connection has been made successfully.

Method 3 – Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 with PC using Wi-Fi module

You can connect your Galaxy S4 to laptop or PC (having Wi-Fi module), which will thus avoid the use of cable. Let us see now.

STEP 1 – Open and enable Wi-Fi Hotspot feature on Galaxy S4.
STEP 2 – Open the Wireless Network Connection area on the laptop/ PC (usually at the bottom-right portion on Windows 7). It would be showing the name of the wireless connection of your phone. Double click on it.
STEP 3 – Pairing will be required in order to create connection between the two.

Method 4 – Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 with PC using Bluetooth module

STEP 1 – Open and enable Bluetooth Hotspot feature on Galaxy S4 and make sure Bluetooth feature is also enabled on your laptop/computer/PC.
STEP 2 – Pair with the phone through Bluetooth and after that your connection has been made, you can do anything.
So, all these methods can work for you. You can connect Samsung galaxy s4 with PC using any of these methods. If you still have queries, drop your comments below.



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