Connect HTC ONE To TV using HDMI


Today I am going to tell you about the tutorial of how to connect your HTC One to TV using the HDMI ports of the phone and the TV. HTC One supports TV out feature and thus it can be easily connected to TV using the MHL port of the phone.
HTC One is the most loved device ever launched by the HTC brand. One being stylish in looks and its design, also has unique features, good camera quality and a number of connectivity options. And among-st those connectivity option, to our concern is the MHL port (Media Link HD).
So, you need to use the MHL port in order to connect HTC One to TV.
NOTE: Connecting HTC One to TV does not mean that it can be connected to the basic and old TV’s. There is a requirement of HDMI port in the television.

Why to Connect HTC One to TV using HDMI

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Look, in the present times, the technology is getting bigger and bigger. So, there is a lot of competition between the brands of same category. So, how do they sell the product? htc one
Well! That is done by putting on more features in their device and making it better than the other. Sometimes, an user buys the whole item due to a specific single feature. So, features are most important in the modern times.
Similarly new TV’s and smartphones are being equipped with HDMI ports in order to connect from each other. You just need HDMI cable to do so.
After you have connected HTC one with TV, you can now play or run anything on TV (frankly speaking -virtually show your phone’s content on TV) through your HTC One.
You can watch HD videos on TV, and the smartphone will serve as the media changer (from videos). You can also browse your picture gallery and see it o big HD screen of TV.
So, as such there are lot many uses of connecting HTC One to TV.

How to Connect HTC One to TV using HDMI

So, finally we have arrived on these easy steps to connect HTC One to TV.
STEP 1 – Take your MHL cable or adapter and insert its two sides on the duo devices (TV and HTC one).
STEP 2 – Switch on the TV.
STEP 3 – Now change the  input settings of the TV to as HDMI.
STEP 4 – Open your phone’s video player and start running videos as per your taste.
You are done now. The chosen video will be directed to the TV’s bigger screen. Enjoy watching it.
So, isn’t it very easy and useful to connect HTC One to TV using HDMI? If you want same kind of posts in future, then subscribe to us and also like us on Facebook and Google Plus.


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