Comparison between iPhone 6s and Samsung s6 edge


iPhone 6s came with a bang and ruled the hearts. But, still it will take some time to dominate the market, moreover when the competitor Samsung is there in the market. There are so many features where both of them differ. Some of them are given below.

Design :

As we can see that both of them are designed so beautifully. The Apple iPhone is very much the same in its design when compared to its predecessors. It looks almost the same. Also, talking about the body, the body is made up of metal and is the same as compared to what it was in the earlier models. Talking about Samsung, its body is the mixture of aluminum and glass. They have designed it in such a way so that they can attract more and more of customers. In looks, both the devices look beautiful but what a customer wants is a personal decision.

Display :

The display is one of the most important feature of any smartphone. It acts as a window to what the smartphone actually is made up of and how long will it survive. Apple has a 4.7 inch retina display in HD, and the pixel resolution will be 1334*740. With that, there is a slight addition of 3D touch technology. It gives the customer an overall a different experience and opens up different avenues in front of them. The display is pressure sensitive and it can easily feel the three different levels of pressures when we touch it. Talking about Samsung, it comes with a larger display which is 5.1 inch Quad display in HD. The resolution that it offers is approximately 2560*1440.

RAM and the Processor :

When one is done with the design and display, the next thing that comes in the minds of the consumers is that of processing power of the device. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 comes with an octa core processor which also has a quad core 1.5GHz cortex A 53 and also a quad core 2.1GHz cortex A 57. It also comes along with RAM of 3GB. Whereas, Apple’s iPhone comes with its own A9 64 bit processor. It has an inbuilt M9 motion compressor. It also has 2GB of RAM. Also, the way Apple has collaborated between the hardware and software is any day better.


Software :

This is entirely based on personal preferences. Apple has a pre installed iOS 9(iPhone vs Android). On the other hand, Samsung has the latest version of the Android lollipop. Both of the function in their own, but the question again boils down to will the customer be comfortable or not.

Battery :

This one is tough to crack. A lot of experts have a lot to say about this, but the story is altogether very different. Samsung’s Quad HD screen and the software of Touchwiz has the worst battery, even if you compare it with the previous phones of Samsung. But, Apple tends to claim something else, according to them, the battery time this model gives is the same as their previous model despite having less battery capacity. They say that it gives 14 hours of talktime, 10 days of standby and also 10 hours of 3G use and Wifi usage for 11 hours. Like Apple, Samsung does not have any data to show their battery statistics.

Camera :

They both have phenomenal cameras. Samsung has 14MP rear shooter. The camera is well polished. On the other hand, Apple has 12MP camera and it also has an option for live photos. Live photos means that whenever you click a photo, that photo will also be stored in the form of a small video that can be used anytime as a wallpaper. Also, separate videos can be shooted besides that feature.

Price :

iPhone start at $649 for a model that is sim free, unlocked and also 16GB space with different colours like grey, silver, gold and red. Samsung, on the other hand is cheaper. The starting price is $576 for a sim free phone which is also available in 4 colours. It was launched in the month of April, so it might be easily available now.

Overall, both the handsets look fantastic. The choice entirely depends on preferences.


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