Best Browsers for Android Mobile/ Tablet


Today I am going to write a fantastic post on the best browsers for android mobiles and tablets. Well Android is the widely used operating system found in the most of the smartphones of various brands. Google has made this android platform as an open source and that is why it is in the notice of every manufacturer, buyer (consumer), retailer, developer and others.Android-Browsers-2
In the world, almost 65% people having smartphones have the Android mobile in their hands. So, question arises why Android is so popular in mobile phones and tablets. So, my answer is its open source combination and the free applications and games available for the users (which are developed by developers using the free Google’s developing tools).
So, I assume now that you own an Android device and you are searching for the best browsers for your android mobile or android tablet. There are a number of browsers available in the Google Play Store, and you are confused that which one to rely upon completely.
The open source of Android has really affected the security of the users. So, users will themselves have to manage for their security and that is why I recommend downloading and installing one of the best browsers for Android mobile and tablets.
So, I have done some hard work after using almost every browser in the Play Store and collecting their pros and cons and then shortlisting the best browsers for you. So, you can look at these browsers as they will be really helpful in your browsing experience.

Best browsers for Android mobile/ tablet

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It does not matter which brand’s Android phone or tablet you own, the only thing which is necessary is the operating system version, system Ram and processor speed. So, if you think that you have a good amount of RAM (more than 256 MB), a minimum of dual core processor (minimum clock 1 GHz) and Android v2.3 or newer, then you can look at and download from the below list.

Opera browserOpera Mini

Opera browser is one of the most used browser in Android mobile or tablet. It has been developed by the opera community for only the phones users in the whole world. It has features like Off-Road Mode and is very fast in browsing.
It also allows the users to download files and can adapt any screen size of any android device. Opera also provides the book marking facility to the users. It has nice and elegant user interface.

Download Opera browser for Android mobile/tablet

Chrome BrowserChrome

Since, Android and chrome are both the products of the Google, you will enjoy browsing on device having both these facilities. This application has a plenty of browsing features. You can have access to features like page loading, scrolling, zooming and tapping with fingers.
It also provides the multi-tab browsing, book marking, add-ons and extensions facilities. It is smooth and simple to use like of the desktop/PC browser with simple and elegant UI.


Download Chrome browser for Android mobile/tablet

UC Browser

Another browser like Opera (not in functionality and UI) but the similarity is due to their availability on mobile platforms only and not on Windows or other OS on desktops/PCs. UC Browser has a different kind of UI which is rich in graphics and is very useful for and Android phone.
The special feature of UC Browser is the intelligent analysis i.e. pre-loading the next webpage in the advance to speed up the process and save user’s time. So, this is a reliable browser with many features and faster web browsing experience.
Download UC browser for Android mobile/tablet

Firefox BrowserFirefox

Mozilla Firefox brand is the reputed browser making brand when we talk in the terms of bigger platforms on Windows 7/8 or XP. Firefox fans do not use any other browser. So, for their convenience the developers have developed mobile version for Android mobile and tablet.
Firefox works on HTML-5 support and has add-ons and extensions (just like Chrome browser). It is available for free on the Play Store and you can download it from there to have better, faster and secure browsing.

Download Firefox browser for Android mobile/tablet

Dolphin BrowserDolphin Browser

For the Android users, I have compiled this browser in my list due to its reliability, security and fast browsing services. You have different home screens on this browser. Features like gesture controls, sharing on social media and voice controls are really useful.
Dolphin browser also has a app store from where you can download many applications and that for free. Multi-tasking is easier and very effective.
Download Dolphin Browser for Android mobile/tablet
So, you can choose any one of the best browsers for your Android mobile phone/ tablet. You are requested to not download any other web browser on your Android mobile as it can be very dangerous and can be incoming for hackers, viruses, malwares and Trojans.
How do you have experience with these best Android mobile browsers? Share your views with us and like/share us on social media.


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