Best Antivirus for Android Phone or Tablet


Today I am going to tell you about the best Antivirus for Android phone or tablet, which is very necessary for the users who own Android devices (phones, tablets, phablets).free-antivirus
There could be much harm to your Android phone or tablet, if you are not in touch with an antivirus. What is the job of antivirus for android? Well, the phones can also get much harmful virus or malwares either from the web or from the Android apps (unknown sources) or from some transmitted files.
So, it is very necessary for you to keep your Android phone/ tablet harmless. Android OS is an open source OS that means anybody can develop the applications using free Android tools and made it available for free in the Play Store.
Although Google searches and removes all the threats from the applications, yet there is the final requirement of keeping our Android device safe from harmful content. So, it is our duty to download the best Antivirus for Android phone or tablet, to keep it safe.

Best Antivirus for Android phone or tablet

Here is the list of best antivirus for Android phone and tablets, which are available at no cost in Google Play Store.
AVG Antivirus
AVG is one of the best antivirus, which is being used on the desktops and PCs. AVG thus extended its limits to reach the Android smartphones by placing a mobile version of antivirus in the Play Store and that too at zero cost.AVG antivirus
AVG offers a variety of features for the users. It includes the real-time scanning, new files scan, manual scan scheduling and many such features, which are convenient for the users. So, you can keep your Android phone virus shielded.

LookOut Mobile Security and Antivirus
LookOut has been rated as one of the best antivirus for Android 2016. And why not, it has so many features, which can even find out your lost Android phone or tablet.


LookOut Security
You have back-up and restore feature also in there in this antivirus for android phone. You can make scan anytime from this antivirus. Moreover, it is also free in Google Play store. So, in the notification areas, LookOut displays a message “Everything is OK” that means your android mobile is secured from harmful content.
Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus
Avast antivirus is one of the most used antiviruses by Android phones’ owners. Actually Avast comes in more than 20 languages. We are but concerned with the English language only as Hindi language is not developed by the application developers.Avast
This security tool provides the features to find your lost android phones, scans your applications, memory card and phone to remove the malwares. When a harmful website is opened in the browser, it immediately alarms the user to halt the browsing.
The other features of this security tool are network meter, app manager, firewall and more. So, it makes to be a good antivirus to keep your android phone safe and that is why we have kept it in our best antivirus for android phones/tablets list.

McAfee Mobile Security

Another best antivirus for Android phone or tablet is the McAfee Mobile Security tool. This tool offers various functions like locate, alarm, backup/restore and that too for free. Moreover, this app allows the users to provide the 14 days free trial of their premium service.Mcafee

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite
Kaspersky Mobile Security is the all in one protector of your Android phone from the theft, malwares and manual interruption. You can even block the unwanted calls and messages using this security tool.
Moreover, it can find your lost Android mobile/ tablet. It also offers the password function for the opposition to any kind of manual interruption in your Android device.

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So, hope you have now a good mind to download one of these best antivirus for your Android device (mobile or tablet). If you have any kind of problems regarding this post, feel free to ask us through comments.


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